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“Tsunkatse” (February 9, 2000) may be one of the more shameless episodes of “Star Trek: Voyager,” which is saying something. While on shore leave, several Voyager officers discover a nearby mixed martial arts tournament called Tsunkatse. Shortly thereafter, they are kidnapped by a slimy character named Penk (Jeffrey Combs). Tuvok (Tim Russ) is injured, but Penk denies him treatment unless Seven of Nine fights in a Tsunkatse tournament. This is the same plot as any number of obscure 1980s martial arts pictures.

Naturally, Seven will have to fight the Tsunkatse champion, a character played by Dwayne Johnson back when he was only known as The Rock. Prior to “Voyager,” Johnson had only had a small part on an episode of “That ’70s Show” and on the short-lived TV version of “The Net.” On “Voyager,” he was essentially asked to play himself, complete with a wrestling ring, flashing lights, and a rock song entrance. His character didn’t have a name, although his species was mentioned as Pendari, a species known to have a temper. His only dialogue is “Star Trek”-inflected kayfabe. “You’re no bigger than a Tarkanian field mouse,” he says.

“Tsunkatse” is a pretty risible episode, only notable for its cameo. If you ever wanted to see the diplomacy-forward, intellectual world of “Star Trek” overlap with the sweaty, demonstrative world of pro wrestling, then this is the episode for you. You’re also one of maybe six people in the world.

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