Star Trek: TNG’s The Chase Was Already A Struggle – Then Its Budget Was Stolen By DS9 – SlashFilm


Longtime Trek executive producer Rick Berman noted that the script for “The Chase” had been kicked around the Paramount offices for years, with no writer able to unlock it or make the story work. Even when the script finally came together — ultimately credited to Ron D. Moore and Joe Menosky — it still didn’t quite satisfy him. He said: 

“It’s a story that’s been around forever. It was similar to ‘Darmok,’ which was a story that was around forever also. ‘Darmok’ never worked for me until Joe came up with the direction that he came up with … and it turned out to be one of my favorite episodes of all time. This story did not. Conceptually, it’s very interesting. I always had some problems with dealing with the whole idea of these kind of prehistoric creatures who are the fathers of us all. It’s not Roddenberry-esque, it’s very ’60s Roddenberry-esque.”

“Darmok” (September 30, 1991) is a beloved episode about an alien species, the Tamarians, who communicate exclusively through cultural metaphors. It’s a great episode. 

Executive producer Michael Piller noted that Menosky delved far too deeply into technobabble, saying, “You turn the page and it begins to go into the tech. One of the great talents of Menosky has always been his ability to see places the rest of us wouldn’t even go to look and from page 20 to page 60 he was on a different plane, existing somewhere else.” Piller repeatedly returned the script to Menosky saying “he didn’t get it.”

Even Ron D. Moore admits that he couldn’t quite crack the story as what he originally envisioned would be too expensive to realize. And then, even after cutting it down, “Deep Space Nine” started sapping up money.

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