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Indeed, the mysterious warship that appears throughout “The Survivors” isn’t even definitively identified as a Husnock ship. Audiences later learned that the warship was another one of Kevin Uxbridge’s illusions, summoned to scare off the Enterprise and leave Kevin alone. We are left to infer that Kevin’s illusion was extrapolated from Husnock warships, but that may be a foolhardy assumption. 

There are no pictures of the Husnock anywhere in “The Survivors,” and there is no description as to what they looked like. In dialogue, they were merely called “a species of hideous intelligence, who knew only aggression and destruction.” By extrapolation, Trekkies have found that the Husnock were killed off in the year 2366, only shortly before the events of the episode. The Federation seemed to have little information about the Husnock. 

The only information given about the Husnock has to be derived from the vast sea of “Star Trek” expanded universe lore. In the late 2010s, there was a series of tie-in “Star Trek” novels called “Star Trek: Titan,” an anthology that followed the adventures of Captain Riker commanding the titular ship. In David Mack’s 2017 “Titan” novel “Fortune of War,” the Husnock were finally brought back in their own central story, albeit after their extinction.

“Fortune of War” is set 20 years after the events of “The Survivors” and follows the U.S.S. Titan on an exploration mission of all the abandoned Husnock technology that was abandoned when Kevin wiped them from existence. Husnock warships still possessed a great deal of destructive potential, and it was up to Admiral Riker, a new character named Captain Vale and the Titan crew to keep Husnick ships from falling into the wrong hands. 

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