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Even after several years, Bakula remained diplomatic. “These Are the Voyages…” was written by longtime “Star Trek” producer Rick Berman and just-as-longtime writer Brannon Braga, both veterans from the early days of “Next Generation” and co-creators of “Enterprise.” Bakula recalled reading their teleplay for the “Enterprise” finale and having to have a meeting with his bosses, more or less asking for an explanation:

“I have to say that when I first read the script I was off-put by it. I had a long talk with Rick and Brannon about it and they explained their idea and philosophy to me. I don’t know that I ever … Gosh, the end of anything is always hard to write. It was a little odd, but that was their call.” 

Bakula’s trailing off indicates that he was poised to say something perhaps slightly more acidic, but then caught himself, not wanting to badmouth a plum gig he held for four years.

The general wisdom among Trekkies is that “Enterprise” struggled through its first two seasons — which were presented in a traditional “story of the week” format — and then picked up considerably for its third and fourth seasons (which relied more heavily on extended, multiple-episode arcs, which were more fashionable at the time). The third season devoted all 24 of its episodes to a time-travel-based conflict with a mysterious species called the Xindi who randomly destroyed Florida without provocation, with the series’ leads tracking down the Xindi and wondering why they attacked.

Bakula, it seems, didn’t like the “extended arc” approach, nor the warlike attitude the series had to affect to achieve it.

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