You Might Have Missed The Star Trek: Voyager Easter Egg In This Week’s Discovery – SlashFilm


Once upon a time, centuries before the events of the final season of “Discovery,” Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) led her crew of the cutting-edge Starfleet vessel Voyager on a merry chase into the Badlands in search of a particularly dangerous cell of rebel Maquis fighters. The constant plasma storms in this region render this mission incredibly dangerous, which is echoed far in the future when the Discovery must venture into another area of this very same location and hope they make it through in one piece to find their prize. But neither Voyager nor their Maquis target could’ve ever imagined that they’d enter the Badlands and never make it out again … or, rather, end up abducted by super-powerful beings from another quadrant of the galaxy altogether and spend the next several years of their lives attempting to make it back to Earth.

What might seem like yet another reference tossed out as chum for the fans actually takes on greater meaning. Nobody on the Discovery can quite relate to the existential horror of being transported thousands of light years off target in the blink of an eye and left to fend for themselves (and all without the convenience of a spore drive, at that). But once Burnham finds herself trapped in a labyrinth with a program that her subconscious interprets to look like Book (David Ajala), longtime “Trek” viewers may have connected the dots for themselves and noted the irony of how one Starfleet captain’s endlessly circular journey in “Voyager” now feels like an unexpected mirror of a wildly different captain in “Discovery” — both linked by their own radically different paths into the very same Badlands.

How’s that for parallels? New episodes of “Star Trek: Discovery” stream on Paramount+ every Thursday.

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