Star Trek: Discovery’s Blu Del Barrio Had Wishes For Adira That Never Came True – SlashFilm


Del Barrio noted that Adira was lucky to avoid the cliffhanger fate that could’ve befallen the character –- a not-unusual problem for LGBTQ+ characters in TV shows made in the era of mass streaming cancellations. “When I think about it, it could have been much more of a cliffhanger and that would have been so much more upsetting,” they told the outlet. Ultimately, del Barrio thinks the finale and epilogue offer “a very positive note for them to end on,” though, like any number of “Trek” castmates before them, del Barrio does wish they could’ve had a few more adventures.

“Of course, there was definitely a bunch of stuff that I wanted to do,” del Barrio admitted. “I wanted them to be a part of a Mirror Universe episode. I wanted them to go on more way (sic) missions.” The character joined the series in season 3, so they missed out on several major adventures, including the first season’s extended Mirror Universe plot. Still, the actor doesn’t seem to be mourning the end of their character’s story arc, which is probably a smart move given how many former “Trek” castmates have made returns to the franchise during the current Paramount+ era.

It sounds like we definitely shouldn’t rule out a return for the young Starfleet officer. “I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to do and you know, ‘Trek’ is forever, so maybe in the future Adira can come back,” del Barrio told TrekMovie. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner rather than later: “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy” is currently in the works, and the series is set to focus on younger ensigns-in-training who could learn a thing or two from Adira.

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