Speed Skater Alexandra Ianculescu Drops Jaws In New Droolworthy Bikini Photo


Alexandra Ianculescu, the talented Romanian-Canadian speed skater, recently set pulses racing with a scintillating photo shared on her Instagram account!

The captivating snapshot captured Ianculescu strolling along the shoreline, showcasing her chiseled physique in a sleek black bikini.

Alexandra Ianculescu Gives Beach Bombshell Vibes

In the sizzling pic, Ianculescu exuded confidence and allure as she flaunted her toned figure in the stylish two-piece swimsuit. Her beach-ready look radiated elegance and athleticism, captivating her followers with every stride.

Accompanying the photo, Ianculescu expressed her anticipation for the launch of her online shop, @theshopbyalex, as well as her excitement for beach days ahead. In the caption, she wrote, “Counting the days until @theshopbyalex launches bikinis….and counting the hours until I’m on a beach 👀,” adding an extra layer of anticipation to the already enticing post.

Beautiful In Black

As a prominent figure in the world of speed skating, Ianculescu continues to make waves both on and off the ice, captivating audiences with her talent, determination, and undeniable charm. With each captivating post, she reaffirms her status as a rising star in the realm of athletics and beyond, inspiring fans with her beauty, athleticism, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Attracting A Lot Of Attention

Fans were quick to shower Alexandra Ianculescu with praise and admiration for her latest Instagram update, as they raved over her jaw-dropping bikini photo.

One person described Ianculescu as a “sexy woman,” while another expressed, “Favorite beach view.”

The third user echoed, “Beautiful view from head too toe.”

A fourth admirer commented, “Perfect!! Looks exciting!”

Why Join OnlyFans?

In 2022, Ianculescu launched her OnlyFans account, attracting significant attention from online users and subsequently generating substantial income, which she allocates towards fulfilling both her necessities and desires.

“Last summer I decided to start this account since I kept getting crazy amounts of ‘likes’ on bikini photos and people would suggest selling them on this platform. I thought it was the biggest joke and didn’t want to be seen as someone that was known for selling ‘bikini shots’, considering I worked so hard as athlete, worked hard to have an education, speak multiple languages and truly love the image of myself that I created and respected.,” Ianculescu wrote in an Instagram post alongside a picture of her wearing nothing in a bathtub.

Living The Dream

“With that being said, after making 💰💰💰 in my first month on there, it has totally changed my life for the better. I make less now as I have not been as active this summer, but I enjoy training full time now, affording trips to places I never dreamed on going to anytime soon, buying my dream bikes, saving for my dream car(s), and being able to enjoy it in a way where I don’t have to sacrifice my athletic life to work 3 part time jobs like I used to in the past, while pursuing Olympic Dreams,” she continued.

“I used to care what people thought, but then I realized that their opinions don’t pay my bills, so I am going to continue owning it and using it to the max because I like how comfortable I have become in my own body, and how I learned to love myself in a different way,” the speed skater added.

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