Sofia Vergara Reveals Why She’s Always In A ‘Bad Mood’


Sofia Vergara is generally known for being upbeat and cheerful, however she’s revealed another side to herself. Speaking about her workout regimen, the 51-year-old sitcom star confirmed that she dreads the whole process, even extending the “bad mood” it puts her in to booking her next training session. Opening up to Women’s Health in 2017, Sofia chatted health and wellness, also breaking down how she stays in shape. Looks like the actress does what she needs to do, but not willingly.

Not A Fan Of The Gym

Scroll for more photos, plus Sofia’s snacking snaps. Of how she gets her exercise in, Sofia mentioned now ex-husband Joe Manganiello. “Joe built a very nice gym in the house, so I don’t have any excuses,” she dished, then referring to using the gym as “torture.”

“I’m in a bad mood two hours before, I’m in a bad mood while I’m doing it, I’m in a bad mood at the end because I have to schedule the next class,” she continued.

Says Lifting Weights Made A Difference

In a separate feature with Health, Sofia got more granular as she revealed that some things seem to make more of a difference than others when it comes to training. For the Modern Family favorite, it’s all about pumping iron.

“The one thing that I have done that really has made a difference in my body is lifting weights. Not crazy weights. But, you know, like five pounds, seven pounds, 10 pounds. Twelve pounds is the maximum I can do. It keeps your muscles tight, and your skin tighter to you,” she shared. “I’ve done Pilates and spinning, and I’ve tried all sorts of things—and they’re great.” In the above Instgram video, Vergara actually called her workout session “torture” as she kicked off the week in gym mode.

Always Eating Pasta

Sofia is known for making a joke of her snack queen status on Instagram, and the love of food extends to meals, too. In the above photo, the actress was seen shoveling a plate of restaurant-prepared pasta into her mouth as she wrote: “11 years later and we r finally eating our favorite pasta together @pietrino21 !!!!!! We miss u.”

Sofia even updated with pizza this month, posing barefoot and backstage at America’s Got Talent while chowing down on a slice.

Showing Her Embarrassing Snacking Photos

Sofia can definitely poke fun at herself, and that was the case in September 2020 as she shared a gallery of somewhat unflattering snacking snaps to her IG. Opening as she shoveled a banana into her mouth, Sofia also showed a photo of herself with popcorn, plus a street shot of herself in jeans as she threw her head back while shoveling food down her throat.

“When u like to snack!” the reality judge captioned the share. Fans loved it. “When you are Hungry …you must eating,” one replied.

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