A Game To Remember! Social Media Reacts To The Biggest Moments From Super Bowl LVIII (Videos)


However, after halftime, the Chiefs turned things around, overtaking the 49ers with the lead.

Watch as Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, reacts to the turn of events alongside her friends and Ice Spice.

And, of course, social media users reacted to Spice’s appearance alongside the group in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @buffiebabyy wrote.

“Ice spice smart , it’s all about networking .”

While Instagram user @1snapgod added.

“Ladies don’t give up your dreams. Ice Spice got a song called ‘Fart’ and in a 2 million dollar suite with one of the biggest stars in the world!”

Instagram user @conceitednyc wrote.

“Nobody can never disrespect Ice spice again😂…idk how but her and Taylor became best friends within 24 hours and she put herself exactly where she needs to be to get all the promo in the world”

While Instagram user @autumnjoilive remarked.

“Ice spice out here playing chess”

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