Sheff G Shares Words For Hot 97 Hosts After Peter Rosenberg Called For Him & Sleepy Hallow To Be Removed From Summer Jam


Sheff G is sharing words for hosts at Hot 97 after Peter Rosenberg called for him and Sleepy Hallow to be removed from Summer Jam.

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Here’s Why The Rapper Is Reacting To Peter Rosenberg & Hot 97

According to HotNewHipHop, during a recent episode of ‘Ebro In The Morning,’ Rosenberg spoke about Sheff G and Sleep Hallow. The radio host specifically mentioned the pair appearing on stage at a recent Trump rally in the Bronx.

“Sleepy Hallow, you could tell was — and I’m not giving him a pass, I’m disgusted… as far as I’m concerned, I hit everybody at the station [and said], ‘Let’s pull them off Summer Jam,” he explained. “I just want y’all to know that is me, ‘Karen’ Rosenberg. I don’t want them on Summer Jam.”

Before concluding his thoughts, Rosenberg explained that the ‘Tip Toe’ rapper was laughing while appearing alongside Trump. Based on that, the radio added that it seemed like the rapper didn’t take his endorsement of Trump seriously but instead as a “big joke.”

Therefore, he added, this only made Sheff’s appearance “worse.”

Watch his entire commentary below.

Here’s What The Rapper Said In Response

Sheff G apparently caught wind of Rosenberg’s statements and took to his Instagram Story to share a now-deleted response. In a lengthy message, the rapper explained that he thought he was free to vote for whoever he wanted.

Furthermore, the ‘Tip Toe’ rapper directly called out Rosenberg along with his co-hosts, Ebro and Laura Stylez.

“I never knew we had to have the same political opinion as @laurastylez @oldmanebro @rosenbergradio in order to gain success… imagine that… crazy thing is… throughout all my success I never seen neither of y’all mention my name.. y’all sat silently and watched lol…”

Sheff explained that as soon as something “negative” came up, the hosts were quick to speak on him.

“…y’all the reason our generation is the way it is.. I’m not even gon say no disrespectful s**t either… it’s all love.”

Here’s What Prompted Peter Rosenberg’s Statements About Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow

As The Shade Room previously reported, Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow joined Trump at his Bronx rally on May 23. At the time, the pair took the stage, and Sheff spoke to the crowd first.

“One thing I wanna say. They always gonna whisper your accomplishments and shout your failures. Trump gon’ shout the wins for all of us,” Sheff told the crowd.

Additionally, Sleepy Hallow took the mic afterward and made one brief statement.

“Make America Great Again,” he said.

Watch the moment below.

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