Shannen Doherty’s Ex Wants Settlement Over Trial In Divorce


According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the “Charmed” star’s former beau recently implored the court not to schedule their case for trial. He argued that he was unprepared and would rather settle than engage in a legal battle.

Shannen Doherty announced her divorce from Kurt Iswarienko in April 2023; however, they are yet to be officially separated.

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Shannen Doherty’s Ex-husband Is Not Ready For Trial


Iswarienko filed a counter-request against Doherty’s move to schedule their divorce case for trial. He implored the court not to set a date to address their issues — the dissolution of their marriage, spousal support, division of property, attorney fees, and more.

In a statement on his behalf, the actress’s ex revealed his desire for a settlement instead of court proceedings. The message read:

“This case is not yet ready for trial. In an effort to save attorney’s fees and costs for both parties, Respondent has been focusing his efforts on settlement and has not yet conducted discovery.”

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“Respondent has also not had sufficient funds to retain a forensic accountant or any other experts,” the statement continued, noting that because of limited funds and information, Iswarienko was only aware of the issues highlighted above.

“Other issues may be identified after Respondent is able to conduct discovery and retain necessary experts,” Iswarienko’s team concluded.

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Doherty Pushed For A Trial Date

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A month before Iswarienko’s counter-request filing, The Blast reported that Doherty had pushed to settle their differences under family law. She noted that their case was ready for trial and petitioned the court to begin the necessary proceedings.

Doherty listed the estranged couple’s disputes as the dissolution of their marriage, spousal support, property division, attorney fees, and costs incurred from the case. It was unclear if they had a prenuptial agreement; however, their separation might cause a stir.

Fans might recall that Doherty pulled the plug on her over-a-decade marriage following Iswarienko’s alleged affair. The incident, unfortunately, occurred amid her battle with stage 4 breast cancer, making many wonder what went on behind closed doors.

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A Source Close To The Actress’s Ex-husband Dropped Bombshell Allegations

Shannen Doherty and Kurt Iswarienko seen holding hands

As fans speculated about Iswarienko’s alleged affair, a source close to him claimed the situation wasn’t what Doherty painted it to be. The informant stressed that the former couple had been “living separate lives” for two years.

The source argued that Iswarienko had informed his soon-to-be ex-wife about his extramarital relationship at the start of 2023 after New Year’s. The timing allegedly occurred a few days before Doherty fell and underwent an MRI that revealed her brain tumor.

However, Doherty refuted these claims in a heated post on Instagram and slammed the responsible media outlets for spreading false information about the end of her marriage to Iswarienko.

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Iswarienko’s Alleged Infidelity

Kurt Iswarienko and Shannen Doherty

In her social media post, Doherty aired her frustration about the alleged claims made by Iswarienko’s pal. “Let’s Be Clear, the truth matters. I just received a disturbing phone call that @tmz_tv was going to run a story about me,” she began, adding:

“The story supposedly comes from my husband’s friends (soon to be ex) that he told me two years ago he was cheating on me, and we have had an open marriage.”

For those who wanted to know the truth, Doherty clarified that she would address Iswarienko’s affair and the decline of her third marriage on her “Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty” podcast.

However, until she did, she warned media outlets and her estranged husband’s pals to stop spreading false information.

Shannen Doherty Claimed Her Ex-husband’s Corner Was Scared

Shannen Doherty at GMA

In her statement, Doherty implied that Iswarienko’s supporters were spinning false tales because they feared the truth coming to light. She wrote:

“@tmz_tv please do more due diligence, and to the ‘friends/girlfriend who tried to put this story out, I realize you’re scared of the truth, but trying to circumvent it with lies will get you nowhere. #thetruthmatters.”

Doherty’s message received support from fans who were appalled by the alleged attempt to cause her more pain amid her battle with stage 4 breast cancer. One social media user penned:

“The audacity to put her through this when she is fighting for her life is unbelievable. I am so sorry you are going through this.”

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