Seth Green & Clare Grant Face Over $300,000 In Damages For Car Accident


Hollywood sweethearts Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant may want to stay off the road as they face another lawsuit for “negligent” driving.

In the legal documents obtained by The Blast, the famous couple are accused of causing a woman over $300,000 in damages for a 2023 accident. This alleged incident surprisingly occurred months after a similar complaint about their driving skills.

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Seth Green’s Wife, Clare Grant, Allegedly Caused A 2023 Accident


The aggrieved plaintiff, Janice Pitler, named Green and Grant as defendants in her complaint despite the alleged incident involving only the actor’s wife. She recalled her unfortunate encounter with the latter occurred on July 4, 2023, at approximately 7:53 P.M.

The document claimed: “Defendant Clare Green attempted to turn right onto southbound Laurel Canyon Blvd in violation of VC  22100(a) & VC 21804, while Plaintiff Janice Pitler had the right of way and was traveling southbound on Laurel Canyon Blvd.”

Because of Grant’s alleged mistake, she “T-boned the passenger-side front door of Plaintiff’s vehicle.” Pitler claimed she sustained injuries to her thoracic and lumbar spine, leading to expensive medical treatments.

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The list included chiropractic treatment, two lumbar epidural injections, and two thoracic facet block injections. The plaintiff noted she was also referred to an orthopedic spine surgeon, who recommended spine surgery.

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The Plaintiff Is Suing For Over $300K In Damages

Seth Green & Wife Clare Grant Premiere Of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker"

According to Pitler, Grant’s negligent driving caused her over $300,000 in damages. She listed her past medical expenses as $68,828 and estimated that future medical costs would be about $120,000.

The aggrieved woman also wants $150,000 in general damages, bringing the total to $338,828. As for her other demands, Pitler chose to settle her differences with the couple in a jury trial.

However, the plaintiff is also open to alternative dispute resolution. She ticked mediation as the form of settlement, meaning the trio could resolve their differences with the intervention of a third party or meditator.

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The Spouses Were Slammed In A ‘Negligent’ Driving Lawsuit

Seth Green & Wife Clare Grant at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

As stated, Green and Grant previously faced a “negligent” driving lawsuit in 2023. The Blast reported the pair were sued for property damage and personal injury over an accident that occurred on April 7, 2023, in Los Angeles.

The female plaintiff, whose name was withheld, alleged: “At the said time and place, Defendants, and each of them, so negligently owned, maintained, operated, entrusted, and/or drove a motor vehicle so as to cause injuries and Damages to Plaintiff.”

“Plaintiff was injured and sustained damages as a direct legal cause of Defendants’ negligence and but for the negligence of Defendants, and each of them, Plaintiff would not have been injured and sustained Damages,” the document continued.

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It Was Unclear Who Drove The Vehicle

Seth Green & Wife Clare Grant attend the 26th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party

Despite naming Green and Grant as defendants in the lawsuit, the plaintiff wasn’t sure who was responsible for the accident. Hence, she added another statement that blamed the famous couple for their employees’ actions, writing:

“Defendants negligently hired, trained, managed, directed, instructed, and/or supervised their agents and/or employees, the result of which legally and directly caused the accident and Plaintiff’s injuries and damages.”

The Plaintiff claimed this incident forced her to pay for medical expenses due to her alleged injuries. She wanted compensation for these damages, seeking an unspecified amount that would be determined in Court according to proof of the wreck.

Inside Seth Green & Clare Grant’s Relationship

Seth Green & Wife Clare Grant at "It" Los Angeles Premiere

Besides their driving troubles, Green and Grant reportedly share a passion for comic books, television, and fast food. The power couple first met in 2007 at the reopening of their favorite comic book store, Golden Apple Comics.

Green was booked to sign autographs while Grant was photographing the event. Because of their busy schedules that day, the pair didn’t have the opportunity to connect until their second meeting at Comic-Con.

“We both had so much in common and kept running into each other throughout the week,” Green recalled to PEOPLE. Things got more serious for the pair when they hit the road on the two-week Robot Chicken Skate Party Bus Tour in 2009.

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The time they spent together on the road influenced the next stage of their relationship, with Grant confessing: “I didn’t realize how deep it would go until we really spent time together. It was sad that we got off the bus and had to go back to our everyday lives.”

Fortunately, she didn’t have to spend time away from Green as he popped the big question shortly after their trip. Then, the pair said their vows in an intimate ceremony on May 1, 2010.

“The most important thing was putting everybody in a place where they could understand [our love] and see it first-hand,” Green raved about their wedding.

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