Chelsea Lazkani’s Husband Accuses Her Of ‘Physical Aggression’ In Divorce Filing


Selling Sunset” fans are in for another messy divorce as Chelsea Lazkani‘s estranged husband, Jeff Lazkani, responded to her divorce filing with severe allegations.

According to recent court documents, the realtor’s former beau willingly accepted the dissolution of their marriage. However, he claimed he wanted the split because of Chelsea’s “physically aggressive” behavior.

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Chelsea Lazkani’s Estranged Husband Accuses Her Of Domestic Violence


Last month, the reality TV star filed to end her ties to Jeff after nearly seven years of what appeared to be a blissful relationship. Unfortunately, it seems terrible things were happening behind the scenes if Jeff’s narrative is to be believed.

In the legal document filed on April 2, he claimed via his lawyer that he also wants a divorce and cited irreconcilable differences. He further explained the reason behind his desire to leave Chelsea in a written declaration, accusing her of domestic violence.

He noted his estranged wife has been “exhibiting suspicious behavior” and blamed her for the disappearance of many of his “personal belongings.” These items allegedly went missing from their Manhattan Beach, California home after Chelsea filed for divorce in March.

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As for his domestic violence claims, Jeff recalled, per PEOPLE, that the TV personality “struck” him “in the face in an aggressive manner.” Her actions allegedly broke his glasses and caused a small cut on the side of his face.

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Jeff Lazkani Claims Chelsea Intentionally Provokes Him

The allegations against Chelsea didn’t end there, as Jeff stressed in his written declaration that neither he nor his two children — son Maddox Ali and daughter Melia Iman — were safe.

He claimed that for the wellbeing of the pair’s kids, the former couple should not reside at their Manhattan Beach home, which Jeff pointed out he is the primary owner of. He also alleged that Chelsea needed to be away from him.

Jeff claimed his estranged wife “provokes” him and “records him in an attempt to catch him overreacting to her.” He doubled down on his domestic violence claims, accusing Chelsea of being “physically aggressive” before and after she filed for divorce.

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He alleged she went as far as installing a lock on the primary bedroom to exclude him and then “remotely monitor his access to the property and record him at the property.”

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Jeff Feels Blindsided By The Divorce

If the domestic violence allegations weren’t enough, Jeff claimed he was “stunned” after discovering that Chelsea had filed for divorce through a text message from TMZ.

He alleged that after learning of her move to end their marriage, he texted Chelsea; however, she didn’t respond. That same day, the Netflix alum’s brother also started sleeping at the Manhattan Beach home without telling Jeff.

The heartbroken husband noted that the last time he slept at their beach home was the day he found out about the divorce. He allegedly later found out that Chelsea had opened a separate bank account around the time she filed for separation.

Jeff further highlighted his estranged wife’s suspicious behavior, claiming she has been “sneaking around the property” and tried to enter his room “when she thought he was not home.”

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Jeff Wants Chelsea Out Of Their Manhattan Beach Home

In his filing, Jeff asked for “exclusive use and possession” of the former couple’s five-bedroom home, which they purchased for $2.9 million in 2018. He requested that Chelsea, who he said is not named on the mortgage, leave the lavish property.

Jeff asked the court to grant her 48 hours to get what she needed from that property and not be allowed inside for more than two hours to gather her belongings. He also wanted “a neutral party” to be there to help them split items that they may dispute over.

To support his case, Jeff stressed that Chelsea has other options for housing and can live with a friend named Savannah, who resides nearby. If she didn’t wish to crash with her pal, he claimed the reality TV star could afford to lodge at an Airbnb.

As for their divorce, Jeff wants the duo to cover their respective attorney fees and asked the court to terminate their rights to spousal support. He noted that he needed time to sort out his property and assets but ultimately wanted them to be separated from his estranged wife.

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Chelsea Lazkani Asked For Spousal Support

In her divorce filing, Chelsea cited irreconcilable differences as her reason for separation. Despite implying that she could no longer live with Jeff, she asked for joint physical and legal custody of their two children.

As for her demands, the reality TV star requested that her legal fees and costs incurred in the divorce proceedings be covered by her estranged husband. She also wanted Jeff to pay spousal support but didn’t have information on their property.

Chelsea explained that she needed time to complete the details of her separate property and assets, noting she would update the court once the information was available. Her move to end her marriage to Jeff comes nearly seven years after the pair said their vows in August 2017.

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