Terrifier’s Art The Clown Actor To Play Killer Mickey Mouse In New Horror Movie – SlashFilm


There’s something admittedly lazy and somewhat cheap about simply taking public domain children’s characters and turning them into bloodthirsty killers, but audiences seem to be fine with the idea. For example: the first “Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey” movie was a box office hit, hauling in about $5 million at the box office on a budget of less than $100,000. It proved to be such a success that it inspired both a sequel and an entire horror cinematic universe populated with other killer children’s characters that’s leading up to a big “Avengers”-style team-up movie. Now, it’s Steamboat Willie’s turn with “Screamboat.”

“I’m beyond excited to join this incredible cast and bring Steamboat Willie to life with a horror twist,” said actor David Howard Thornton. “‘Screamboat’ is going to be a horrific and hilarious big screen thrill ride that fans won’t want to miss.” Per the official synopsis, “Screamboat” “follows a group of New Yorkers on a late-night ferry ride that turns deadly when a mischievous mouse begins a rampage, targeting unsuspecting passengers. The unlikely crew must band together to thwart the murderous menace before their relaxing commute turns into a nightmare.”

In addition to Thornton, the cast includes Allison Pittel, Amy Schumacher, Jesse Posey, Jesse Kove, Rumi C Jean-Louis, Jarlath Conroy, and Charles Edwin Powell. But let’s be real: Thornton is the big draw here. 

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