SNL Takes Challengers’ Horny Love Triangle Drama To A Very Weird Place – SlashFilm


Dua Lipa walks back into the room with the sunglasses that are featured so prominently on the “Challengers” poster, and pushes the two guys to act on their attraction to each other, not to her. This is all complicated by the fact that Hernández’s character isn’t actually interested in the tiny talking doll. This is a tragic case of trying to force a “Challengers” situation on a guy who’s just not that into it.

The big question for some viewers is … why Sonny Angel dolls? Why not base the sketch around another sport instead, perhaps a sillier one where a love triangle forming around it feels especially ridiculous? The answer is that, like “Challengers,” Sonny Angel dolls are really popular among a certain demographic. As the New York Times outlines, “Sonny Angel is the name of a fictitious 2-year-old cherub designed to be a tiny companion for working women in their mid-20s dealing with the stresses of adulthood… (They’ve) been on the market since 2005 but have become more popular recently.” 

What’s the appeal of the doll? As some fans explained, it’s “one part collecting fad, one part dopamine hit, and one part subcultural signifier.” Although a lot of viewers might not have known these dolls ever existed before watching last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live,” there was a small but notable percentage of the audience that was thrilled to know exactly what Dua Lipa was talking about from the moment we saw her shelf. Not everyone’s seen “Challengers” and not everyone cares about Sonny Angel dolls, but if you exist at the intersection of those two specific groups of people, this sketch is right up your alley.

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