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Are those wedding bells we hear? Well, maybe not quite so fast. Despite the season 5 premiere of “Discovery” featuring T’Rina’s marriage proposal to Saru in the only way that a Vulcan can do it — bluntly and with zero fanfare whatsoever — shippers might want to hold off on celebrating just yet. Nuptials can prove just as tricky in futuristic societies as they do today (and as they always have), apparently, as Saru might be on the cusp of finding out for himself. During a Q&A following the screening of the season 5 premiere at SXSW, Jones took the stage to address his character’s biggest and most unexpected moment. Asked what viewers should expect from the betrothed pair in the following episodes, he played coy about how their storyline will unfold this season:

“There’s also going to be some relationship issues, as any relationship will go through. Where do we draw the line of me stepping into her territory diplomatically, her defending her territory from me a little bit. Yeah. There’s going to be some issues that might challenge our wedding happening. Maybe.”

Given the shocking revelation that occurs at the end of the episode, it’s likely that their domestic bliss might once again be interrupted by much bigger stakes this time around. But Jones at least hints at possible issues stemming from their responsibilities to Starfleet (for Saru) and to their own people (for T’Rina). This wouldn’t be the first time in “Trek” that work and love have mixed together to unpredictable results — look no further than Burnham and Book, after all. But here’s hoping this oddball pairing of Kelpian and Vulcan can figure things out.

“Star Trek: Discovery” season 5 premieres new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.

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