Sarah Ferguson Says She Wants to Play This Character on ‘Bridgerton’


Sarah Ferguson is pitching herself for a role in Bridgerton.

During a recent interview on Good Morning Britain, the Duchess of York, 64, revealed that she wants to be on the Netflix series and shared what character she’d like to play.

“I want to be on Bridgerton!” Ferguson, who’s currently battling skin cancer, exclaimed. “I think Lady Penelope should have a friend who’s got red hair like me. I’m putting it out there!”

Penelope Featherington, who is played Nicola Coughlan, takes center stage on the show’s third season as her relationship with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) is explored.

When ET spoke to Coughlan ahead of part 1’s debut, she opened up about her character’s love story playing out.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s really romantic, it’s really funny, it’s very suspenseful,” Coughlan said. “It’s everything people love about Bridgerton but heightened.”

Meanwhile, Newton told ET of her and Coughlan’s characters, “They’ve got this amazing friendship… I think we really dive in and we do explore his role in helping her find her match.”

“We all speculate for a whole year what it’s gonna be like next year… but no one could guess how this season was gonna go… We’re really excited by it,” he said, before teasing whether or not Colin and Penelope are endgame.

“There are moments when I think fans will question that, and maybe there will be a bit of a curveball and they might not want what they wanted previously,” he said. “… It’s just so exciting.”

At the end of season 3, part 1, Colin asked Penelope to be his wife after a romp in a carriage. The situation is more than precarious, however, as Penelope is in possession of a life-changing secret over her Lady Whistledown identity and one that could threaten her marriage to the man of her dreams.

Promos for season 3, part 2 see Penelope’s ex-best friend and (potential) new sister-in-law, Eloise, threatening to tell her secret if Penelope does not come clean herself. 

The Bridgerton drama will continue when Netflix drops part 2 on June 13.



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