Ryan Anderson Under Fire After His Live TikTok Video Goes Viral


Those who were originally on Team Ryan are now shifting to Team Gypsy as the docuseries, “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up” is exposing his “controlling” behavior — and instead of “taking accountability,” he is “making excuses,” leaving fans angered with the special education teacher.

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Fans Begin To Side With Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Facebook | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced her separation from Ryan Anderson earlier this year — just three months after she was released on parole. Rumors swirled that the reason she left him was because she felt “controlled” and that he “hoarded food.”

Ryan told fans they would see “what really happened” to cause their separation, and that seems to be true — but maybe not in the way Ryan had hoped.

As more episodes of Lifetime’s docuseries air, fans begin to side with Gypsy as they witness Ryan’s “unsettling” behavior. But it doesn’t end there. The more he posts on social media to “explain his behavior,” the more fans accuse him of “making excuses” and that he “never takes accountability.”

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Ryan Anderson Can’t Stay Away From Controversy

Ryan Anderson takes a mirror selfie
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

In a new TikTok live Ryan addressed the P.O. call situation, which was aired in the first episode of the docuseries. As The Blast previously reported, Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s parole officer called her on Ryan Anderson’s phone to notify her that she could not attend the Kansas City Chiefs game as initially planned and that she must leave Missouri to move to her new home in Louisiana.

When the P.O. asked them where they were, Gypsy began to say “Right now we are headed …” but Ryan quickly interrupted her and said, “to meet her family.”

The P.O. is then heard saying, “They want you to report immediately.” Ryan immediately said, “No, they don’t,” and attempted to grab the phone out of Gypsy’s hand.

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Fans Question Ryan Anderson’s Behavior

Ryan Anderson taking a selfie
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

“He tries speaking for her, just like her mom would do,” one TikTok user expressed.

Another said, “Ryan, this first episode, you lost my vote too overbearing, controlling, and the cringy rubbing on her. You could tell it made her uncomfortable.”

And as Ryan continues to make social media posts, the backlash continues to grow.

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Social Media Erupts After Seeing Live TikTok Video

In the live TikTok video shared to Ryan Anderson’s social media page on Wednesday, June 26, he, once again, addressed the P.O. call situation, brushing off his behavior as “protective” and not “controlling.”

“We’re being followed by paparazzi that we don’t know,” he began to say in the video. “And the first question the P.O. says is ‘Where are you going? Where are you at? And who are you with?’ So, of course, me being a protective husband was like ‘What the hell?'”

“My initial thought was I have to be protective, and so I was protective at that moment, and then when I realized that we were actually talking to a legit P.O., Gypsy said, ‘stop,’ I stopped, I let her talk,” he said. However, many pointed out that that wasn’t how it went in the episode.

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Did Ryan Control Gypsy?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson smiling
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

After claiming he didn’t know who this P.O. was and only knew her initial P.O., he said, “Of course, I go to defense mode. I try to protect my wife. I mean if that’s controlling, then so be it, but that was protective.”

But the bombshell came when he seemingly admitted that he tried to control his estranged wife when he said, “I couldn’t control Gypsy. If anybody knows Gypsy, they know that Gypsy does whatever she wants, whenever she wants to do it.”

After seeing the live, fans immediately attacked Ryan for what he said and for “making excuses” rather than “taking accountability.”

“He’s literally the worst. He makes every excuse for his crap behavior,” one user wrote.

“That’s not protective behavior. It is absolutely controlling and you speak to her in a condescending manner,” another said.

Ryan Anderson Is At The Center Of Controversy… Again

Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson smiling
Instagram | Ryan Anderson

The comments continued to pour in as one individual said, “Parole officers aren’t your friends, some are nice some aren’t you can’t just talk shit to them. Ryan thinks he’s something.”

“He takes no accountability for anything. Speaks volumes about him,” a fourth TikToker said.

Fans will continue to watch the story unfold as more episodes of “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up” air every Monday on Lifetime.

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