Russell Simmons Sued Over Alleged Sexual Assault By Former Def Jam Executive


Music executive and businessman Russell Simmons has been sued over alleged sexual assault and battery by a former Def Jam executive.

In the lawsuit, the ex-Def Jam exec, identified as Jane Doe, claims that Simmons raped her in his apartment over 25 years ago, adding that he stalled her career by systematically harassing her in the 1990s.

Russell Simmons Accused Of Rape By Ex-Def Jam Executive


According to a report, the alleged victim revealed that the sexual assault incident first happened when Simmons invited her to his New York apartment with the guise of needing a new video approved.

Per the lawsuit, Simmons began by trying to “wrestle” her in order to “appear playful.” However, the “situation escalated into aggression” with the 66-year-old pinning her down to the bed.

“Ms. Doe repeatedly told Mr. Simmons to get off of her, but he refused,” the court document noted. “Mr. Simmons proceeded to rape her.”

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe experienced regular panic attacks, despair, and anxiety following the alleged assault, making it difficult for her to carry out her executive job duties. She eventually resigned in 1997 and went on to work as an executive producer for commercial and film production businesses.

Russell Simmons

The record executive also allegedly harassed his accuser in offices at Def Jam, on multiple occasions, with the lawsuit stating that “(Simmons) would sit on her desk, lean over her, aggressively invading her personal space while making sexual innuendos, suggestions, and advances, and rubbing the front of his pants.”

“Mr. Simmons would follow Ms. Doe to the door or block her path to prevent her from opening it again,” the court document read.

Simmons has yet to respond to the accusations.

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