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Robert Kennedy Jr. recently spoke with The Shade Room’s Justin Carter about Trump and Biden’s performance at the first presidential debate.

The politician said, “…Trump won, and it’s sad because he didn’t do that well.” 

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Kennedy Jr. Explains Why Trump Won The Debate

The 70-year-old discussed exactly why he believes Trump was victorious.

“…Trump is extraordinarily entertaining, and he’s a great debater because of his capacity to make up facts,” Kennedy claimed. He added that the former president is “unfettered by reality or criticism. He’s very, very entertaining.”

Kennedy stated that it was a “disaster” for President Biden because citizens “saw how frail he was.” He believes that “even the hardcore Democrats have lost faith that he can even with the election but more importantly that he can run the country.”

Robert stated earlier in the interview that “in any other circumstance, (Trump) would have lost” because “he was not honest.”

Watch the nine-minute interview with Justin Carter below.

Social Media Reacts To Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Remarks

Instagram roomies under The Shade Room’s post weighed in on Robert’s assessment.

@balboa22x wrote, “Donald Trump won plain and simple…only president that cares about the Hispanics and blacks..I’m Hispanic.”

“Biden could be a mummy I’d still vote for him,” @shaniie_8705 said.

One commenter explained who Robert Kennedy was for the Roomies who were unaware.

“And for those who don’t know this is John F. Kennedy (the president who got shot in the head during the parade) nephew! His dad was also an attorney that was assassinated just like his brother. Yall know they killed them because they were against normalities. I’d give him try he grew up in this stuff,” @jazzidakid stated.

@649royalty shared his thoughts on Robert becoming the head of state.

“Kennedy is the only one with plans to actually improve the country. He has a unifying message and a positive vision, he’s not just trying to blame the other side for everything like democrats and republicans do. 2024 is the year of the independence! #Kennedy24.”

According to US NEWS, Kennedy is an unlikely winner but remains somewhat of a threat to the candidates.

What Do You Think Roomies?

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