One Of Rob McElhenney’s Favorite Always Sunny Episodes Involved A Head Injury – SlashFilm


In the interview, McElhenney revealed his favorite scene by explaining the (admittedly funny) injury:

“Kaitlin was doing a scene in season 3 where she was coming out of a door and she smashes her head into a car. She comes stumbling out and she goes headfirst into this car and puts a nasty-ass dent in it. And the car, we just rented it for the day, we didn’t prime it for any kind of stunt, but it wound up going in the episode.”

McElhenney is a little mixed up about the whole thing, as the episode is actually in season 4 and Olson has said that there was originally a stuntwoman who was going to take the fall, but that she wanted to do it herself. They ended up getting it in one take because she really threw herself full-speed into the door and hurt herself (and they were running out of stunt car doors), but Olson told Yahoo! News that she actually wanted to try several more times. “I think that’s part of the acting. I don’t want someone else to do it for me,” she explained. She also said that she had to see a chiropractor “many times afterwards,” but she felt that it was a win in the end. The scene is one of the first times that Olson really cements herself as a comedic threat to rival the rest of the gang, but it was not the last time she would injure herself for the sake of the scene. 

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