Riley Keough, Jesse Eisenberg on Transforming for ‘Sasquatch Sunset’


Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg say their transformation into sasquatches for their new film may have confused some innocent drivers. 

While speaking with ET’s Ash Crossan ahead of the release of Sasquatch Sunset, the co-stars — joined by fellow cast member Christophe Zajac-Denek — said that as they were shooting the film, they would often have to take breaks in public places, leading to what they can only assume was an odd sight to behold for bystanders who passed by the set.

“There were a couple (of) times where we’d be sitting on the road … and truck drivers would pass by. And we’d be sitting there and I never got to catch their faces, but I’m sure that it was funny,” Keough, 34, said.

Jesse Eisenberg, Tyler Campellone, Lars Knudsen, Christophe Zajac-Denek, David Zellner, Riley Keough, Nathan Z – Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

“Basically, in between scenes, in between like the takes, we’d also have to get, like, a reapplication of glue on our faces ’cause something would, you know, change during these kind of very physically heavy scenes,” Eisenberg, 40, added. “A mustache would pop off and stuff so actually, if somebody passed us on the road, they would see sasquatches getting their makeup touched up. Which is also a strange part of the mythology.”

The film was shot in Northern California in 2022, specifically in Willow Creek, a small mountain village in the heart of the Six Rivers National Forest. The area is believed to be the home of Bigfoot and was the first place the elusive and mythical creature was spotted back in 1958.

According to the Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce website, the location is synonymous with the famed character, so much so that the city boasts a Bigfoot museum and an annual festival devoted to the sasquatch. The commonality of the actors’ appearance under heavy makeup, prosthetics and hair may have worked to their benefit, however.

Zajac-Denek says that some people who passed by as they were shooting could not have been more unbothered by the random and unexplained presence of sasquatches — or humans who were somewhere in a liminal space between person and animal. 

“At one point there was a jogger or a runner that passed by,” the actor said. “She just flew right past it, didn’t even look. She just kept on her jog and yeah, was not interested in set at all.”

“The thing is, they would’ve seen sasquatches in human clothes sitting in chairs ’cause we would, a lot of the time, we would unzip ourselves and take our arms out ’cause we’d get hot or have to go to the bathroom,” added Keough. 

The movie was written by David Zellner and co-directed by David and his brother, Nathan Zellner, who also acted in the film. Sasquatch Sunset premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, followed by showings at the Berlin International Film Festival in February and SXSW in March.

Sasquatch Sunset opens in theaters on April 12. 


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