‘RHOP’ Karen Huger Slammed With 6 Traffic Violations Including DUI Charge


Karen Huger is facing charges of DUI and DWI in the aftermath of a vehicular accident that occurred in Maryland. 

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star has been slammed with several traffic violations linked to the collision and is mandated to appear in court to address these charges.

Karen Huger Set To Defend Herself In Court Following ‘Aggressive’ Driving


Court records available online reveal that the Huger was apprehended by the Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland while driving her 2017 Maserati on Tuesday night. 

She faces formal charges for operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol and for driving under the influence of alcohol, with a compulsory court appearance scheduled. 

The reality television star is also facing charges relating to traffic violations that include accusations of negligent and reckless driving, excessive speeding, and operating a vehicle with a suspended registration. 

The “Real Housewives of the Potomac” star has received citations for six traffic offenses, which do not require a court appearance but are subject to fines varying between $50 and $510.

Law enforcement officials previously disclosed that Huger hit a median and a crosswalk sign at an intersection and then crashed into a parking sign off the road. 

Huger Credited Her Emotions For The Incident

Karen Huger arrives at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2017 in Beverly Hills

Huger herself addressed the collision in a statement to TMZ, where she shared that after an emotionally charged dinner with a friend, where they discussed sensitive topics, she found herself tearful while driving home. 

The 60-year-old encountered a near-miss with another vehicle, leading her to swerve, hitting a road divider and a tree. Although the Virginia native sustained some bruises, she expressed relief at being alive. 

In her message to fans, she further expressed shock that the other car involved did not stop and emphasized the importance of being aware of one’s emotional state before driving.

Huger concluded her statement by expressing gratitude to her “Guardian Angel,” her late mother, and her seatbelt for saving her life.

Karen Huger Put This ‘RHOP’ Co-Star On Blast

Karen Huger at NY Live

Years before her accident, Huger took to social media to criticize her co-star, Gizelle Bryant, for accusing her of colorism. In case you missed it, Bryant alleged that Huger did not warm up to then-newcomer Wendy Osefo on the show because she deemed Osefo “not pretty enough.” 

Bryant also hinted that Huger implied that Osefo, referred to as “Mrs. Four Degrees,” was too dark to be on the Bravo series. Huger finally got a chance to respond to the allegations during a December 2020 episode of “Bravo Chat Room.”

When she was tagged and questioned about the alleged conversation among hosts Bryant, Porsha Williams, Hannah Berner, and Kate Chastain, and whether there was truth to the claim of Osefo not being welcomed, Huger said:

“I did, and I responded. It reads as follows. ‘Hi Wendy I was shocked and horrified to hear Gizelle on the chat room tonight; make up a bold face lie saying that I made Derogatory comments about your appearance/looks.’” 

The mother-of-two continued saying, “I think you are a beautiful woman and I caution you that Gizelle lied to you at the lake house about what I said before with the floozy comment. If her lies caused you any pain this evening, you should know that Gizelle will hurt someone else to get to me. Gizelle has done this before. Sorry, she made you the subject of vindictiveness.”

Shannon Beador Narrowly Escaped Jail Time Following DUI Charge

Shannon Beador attends Andy's Legends Ball Red Carpet at BravoCon

Another housewife who has garnered attention for reckless driving is Shannon Beador, who was arrested for drunk driving in September 2023.

According to The Blast, she drove her car onto a residential property in Newport Beach on a Saturday around 1 a.m. P.T., reportedly “clipping” the house.

Later in November, we obtained court documents that showed that the “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star entered a plea of no contest to two of the three charges she originally faced.

The charges included, one for driving under the influence (DUI), another for Hit and Run [dismissed], and a third for driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more.

Thanks to her pleading no contest to driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more and driving under the influence of alcohol, Beador received a three-year probation sentence. She was also ordered to complete 40 hours of community service, pay $390 in fines, and participate in a nine-month First Offender Alcohol program.

Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Was Ruggedly Handsome For His DUI Mugshot

Mugshot of Peter Thomas after arrest on DUI charges
Cobb County Sheriff’s Office

Meanwhile, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey‘s ex-boyfriend Peter Thomas gained notoriety for his mugshot following a DUI arrest in January. 

As The Blast reported, the reality star was apprehended by authorities in Cobb County, Georgia for driving under the influence.

Other charges he was slammed with include, driving without a license, failure to maintain lane, failure to provide proof of insurance, expired/no tag, and violation of a traffic control device.

The slew of charges against him did nothing to stop him from using his mugshot as a paparazzi photo opportunity. His signature dyed beard and rugged charm were on full display as he stared straight into the authorities’ camera.

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