The Reason For Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan’s Reported Breakup Revealed


“RHOM” star Larsa Pippen has reportedly called it quits on her relationship with Marcus Jordan after dating for more than one year.

The reality TV star initially fueled the dating rumors after fans noticed she no longer followed Marcus on social media. Larsa and Marcus’ breakup comes as a shock as the pair recently talked about getting engaged and even shared details about the s– life.

Larsa Pippen And Marcus Jordan Call It Quits

Instagram | Larsa Pippen

According to Page Six, the former couple went their separate ways due to “tension” caused by their family issues.

“They’re not together,” a source told the news outlet after Larsa unfollowed Marcus on Instagram and wiped her page clean of all traces of their relationship.

The insider further noted that the duo “are taking space from each other” because of family “tension” that has been allegedly “incited” by Marcus’ famous dad, NBA legend Michael Jordan.

“Marcus said Michael was joking when he said he didn’t approve, but it really mortified Larsa,” the source added.

Besides Marcus’ father’s disapproval of their relationship, Michael and Larsa’s ex-husband, former NBA star Scottie Pippen, are no longer on good terms, which further caused tension between the duo.

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“The history between Michael and Scottie made things complicated, even if Larsa and Marcus did their best to make it a non-issue,” the source shared.

The former couple reportedly take loyalty to their families seriously as “family comes before everything” for them.

A “Real Housewives of Miami” production insider also told the news outlet that Larsa and Marcus’ breakup came as a shock to those close to them and was very sudden.

“No one saw this coming,” they said. “It really seems like a sudden decision. There was no hint that there was trouble in paradise.”

“They seemed so in love. If they got back together, it wouldn’t surprise anyone,” the source added.

Larsa Pippen Fueled Breakup Rumors With A Cryptic Quote

Larsa Pippen & Marcus Jordan Spark Engagement Rumors With Sentimental Messages
Instagram | Larsa Pippen

Before their separation was confirmed, Larsa fueled the speculations by sharing a cryptic quote online that alluded to their breakup. The quote talked about choosing a partner with wisdom.

“The man you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life,” the quote read. “Your mental health, your peace of mind, your love inside you, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your successes, how your children will be raised and much more. Choose wisely.”

To add fire to fuel, Larsa also shared a poll on Instagram asking her fans, “Should your friends unfollow your ex?”

The former couple have now deleted photos of each other from their Instagram page. Marcus recently posted a picture of him and his dad on Instagram with the Drake song “First Person Shooter” playing.

In the song, Drake raps, “I search one name, and end up seein’ 20 tings/ Nadine, Christine, Justine, Kathleen, Charlene, Pauline, Claudine/ Man, I pack ’em in this phone like some sardines.”

The lyrics of the song seem to allude to his separation from Pippen.

The Former Couple Were Talking About Getting Engaged

Marcus Jordan kissing Larsa Pippen's head.
Instagram | Larsa Pippen

Larsa and Marcus seemed quite serious with their relationship at first, with the former couple even discussing a possible engagement.

During an interview with People Magazine, the “RHOM” star shared that she and Marcus were on the hunt for a ring, adding, “I feel like Marcus has got great taste, and I feel like I know that he’s not going to disappoint us.”

Then, in January, during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the duo shared very personal information about their love life.

Host Andy Cohen asked Larsa about the comments she made about her love life during the 2023 “RHOM” reunion, where she said she “always had s–, like, four times a night,” even during her marriage to her ex-husband, Scottie.

“That’s facts,” Larsa revealed before adding that she and Marcus had taken things up a notch in the bedroom. “I also have s– probably five times a night with the love of my life,” she continued.

Marcus then interjected, “I’m very competitive, so I like to stay ready,” adding that it’s “way more than three times.”

During their relationship, the pair were subjected to criticism due to their age gap, with people even accusing Larsa of being a “gold digger.” Marcus always defended his former partner against such allegations, noting that she makes her own money and has her “own thing.”

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