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Get ready, folks, because the man with the fists the size of Thanksgiving turkeys is going to return … slightly later than we hoped. According to star Alan Ritchson, “Reacher” season 3 won’t premiere on Prime Video until 2025

The news comes from Ritchson’s Instagram stories, where he shared an image with just the words “The biggest name in action hits again in 2025” followed by the title of the show.

“Reacher,” of course, is based on the Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child, and follows a former Army military policeman who is also the biggest and strongest man on the planet; a large man who also happens to be smart as hell; a wanderer who travels from town to town solving crimes and beating the crap out of people. As /Film’s own Valerie Ettenhofer wrote in her review of season 2, this self-aware action show “has all the ra-ra spirit and obsession with punishment one would expect from a military propaganda figure, but (Reacher) also calls out corruption (often in the military and police force), loves dogs, respects women, and lives like a nomad. He talks like a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories, acts like an alien on their first-ever trip to Earth, and kills like he’s a judge, jury, and executioner all rolled into one.”

Though we have to wait longer for the new “Reacher” to premiere, at least we know the wait will be worth it. We know season 3 is based on “Persuader,” the best book in the series, a book that /Film’s Jacob Hall described as practically a “Friday the 13th” movie but Jason Voorhees is “a hulking former military police officer turned drifter with a serious grudge.” Or, given the old manor setting, think of it as an Agatha Christie murder mystery but the murderer is also the hero.

Why Reacher is so popular

The big enigma of “Reacher,” and the key that makes it all work is that the show is somehow the kind of military propaganda about a guy who takes matters into his own hands that is catnip for right-wing nuts, yet it is also about a sweet, gentle and respectful guy who genuinely cares. A big part of this secret sauce is in the casting of Alan Ritchson as Reacher.

Ritchson is a great actor who has made otherwise lackluster movies good, but he is also a rare actor who looks like a superhero while also talking about the mental health demands of his Hollywood image. Ritchson seems like a genuinely good dude who is unafraid to use his platform to do some good, like calling out the toxicity in the “Reacher” fan base, speaking out against Trump, and openly discussing his Christianity and calling out the problems with both the religion and his followers. “Reacher” feels like an old-fashioned star vehicle, a show you watch because you want to watch its star for an hour a week. Even if we have to wait a bit longer for more Ritchson as Reacher, so far he hasn’t disappointed. 

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