Rag & Bone Sweatpant Jeans and More Trending Styles to Try This Summer


By 2024, many of us thought we’d have flying cars. Instead, we got jeans that are actually sweatpants instead. Seriously, take a look at these… jeans? Nope. Sweatpants. Civilization may never be the same. Created by American denim brand Rag & Bone, the Miramar “denim” line is a soft, lightweight, loop-back cotton terry material printed to look like jeans. Shock morphs into intrigue — then desire.

Fashionistas are leaning into the term Trompe-l’oeil, French for “deceives the eye.” It’s usually reserved for painting and crafts — like a sidewalk drawing that gives the illusion of stepping into a hole on flat pavement. In this case, it describes these chic and cozy sweatpant jeans. They are pricey, but reviews say they are so incredible and versatile that they are worth every penny. 

The Miramar range of Trompe L’oeil styles also offers shorts, skirts and jackets, like the one pictured above in the Rag & Bone Instagram post.

If you can’t justify the cost but want to shop similar styles, here are a few worthy contenders. Pack away your skinny jeans; the denim athleisurewear trend is here to slay. 


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