28 Practical Gifts for Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day


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We’ve all been there — staring blankly at a catalog or store aisle for gift ideas, just hoping something jumps out. But maybe we’re overcomplicating things for ourselves — the perfect gift may be so simple, it’s almost hard to comprehend!

Thinking about what your significant other will actually want requires relying on a combination of practicality and thoughtfulness. Gift ideas are in front of our eyes all the time, we just may not categorize the items as gifts. Maybe your significant other has been talking about one broken Airpod nonstop, or they keep yammering on about how uncomfortable their pillow is. Or perhaps you know her candle is almost out… or she just ripped her travel bag. These are all subtle gift suggestions disguised as conversation!

With that in mind, we gathered a list of 28 gifts your significant other will actually love and use — many of which are tried-and-true bestsellers. See our top picks below!

Practical Gifts for Her

Our Absolute Favorite: Her beauty sleep is essential! Not only are silk pillowcases cooling and soft, but they’re proven to be far better for hair and skin than traditional cotton options. In addition to improving sleep quality, silk pillowcases prevent creases, protect blowouts and brighten skin, among many other benefits. She will be grateful for more reasons than one!

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Practical Gifts for Him:

Our Absolute Favorite: If working out is his forte, he probably needs an updated gym bag. This one has a structured interior for him to organize all his gear. There’s even a shoe compartment! You can choose between a small and large duffel size depending on his needs. Regardless, he’ll be the most organized gym bro in the room!

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