Percy Jackson And The Olympians Season 2 Is Officially Coming To Disney+ – SlashFilm


The first season of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” suffered from having to both deliver an adaptation of the book that was different and better than the maligned 2010 movie, while still fitting the entire book into a single season of TV. Still, it delivered where it counts — in making sure audiences young and old become aware of how dramatic Greek mythology is, and how much the Greek gods are essentially just giant drama queens.

Indeed, possibly the best part of Riordan’s books is how it presents mythology to young audiences in an informative, entertaining, and refreshing way. His books and the show do not shy away from the messier parts of those dynamics, but also relishes in the silliness of the petty family drama of the titular Olympians. The result is something like a lighter version of “Succession,” but with more fantastical monsters. Now that we’re getting an adaptation of the second book, the serialized story and the larger lore will surely start coming into the fore as the battle against Kronos takes form.

There’s no information about when season 2 might premiere, but stay tuned to /Film for more information.

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