Hollywood’s Top TV Execs Are Happy About The Death Of Peak TV – Here’s Why [ATX Festival] – SlashFilm


The glut of new shows briefly looked like it was a good thing, as it allowed a host of new voices into the marketplace. With hundreds of new shows being produced, the marketplace flooded. TV viewers were instantly spoiled with choices as networks hungrily competed for their eyeballs. For a few years, we lived through glory days of Peak TV.

But then, creators and actors soon learned they weren’t getting paid beyond an initial flat fee; royalties were now gone. Viewers soon learned their favorite shows could be canceled and erased even if they were popular. The studios soon learned that, by not backing down from the hurtful models, they invited strikes.

Karey Burke is the President of 20th Television. When asked about the state of peak TV in the year 2024, she replied, frankly:

“Well, it’s over. We’re on the other side of it. We were talking about this at dinner last night (…) I never want to celebrate the loss of opportunity. I want to say that. But I do think we all felt the strain of 600-plus television shows in the marketplace. Just not being able to get the vitals on them. Things would come and go so quickly. A show that could have been your favorite show, you just never had a chance to even see (it) because there was just too much. And it was really straining resources. And, I think, tough for the audience. And not fair to the creators.”

There were great shows coming out all the time, but when the studio only saw them as “content,” nothing was being nurtured. And, damningly, no one was getting paid. Too much is better than not enough, but it’s almost as bad.

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