One Star Trek Actor Is Switching Universes, Joining DC In Peacemaker Season 2 – SlashFilm


Ever since “Peacemaker” season 1 came to an end back in February of 2022, fans have wondered when they’d see John Cena’s antihero Christopher Smith again after his scene-stealing appearance in James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” and, more importantly, what else the new DC Studios boss would have up his sleeve in the aftermath of his brush with the villainous organization A.R.G.U.S. and its various agents involved with “Project Butterfly.” We do know that much of the (surviving) original cast will be appearing, as will new addition Frank Grillo as Rick Flag, Sr., the father to Joel Kinnaman’s character (who was killed at the hands of Peacemaker himself in Gunn’s 2021 DC film).

Now, Sol Rodriguez will be thrown into the fray in a recurring appearance as Sasha Bordeaux. Her specific narrative role in “Peacemaker” will almost assuredly be reworked once again for her live-action debut. (DC has a long and storied tradition of doing that, you may have noticed.) Gunn’s streaming series will be one of the few preexisting DC properties to survive the big transition over to the new and rebooted universe, meaning that there’s no need to worry about any continuity issues regarding the broader franchise. For Sasha in particular, the character isn’t likely considered to be entrenched enough for any fans to cry foul over any big issues (deepest apologies to all the Sasha Bordeaux super-fans who will undoubtedly crawl out of the woodwork now). Time will tell how Gunn will approaches this upcoming sophomore season of “Peacemaker,” which will hit Max sometime next year.

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