Paige VanZant In String Bikini Shows Instagram Her ‘Other Job’


Paige VanZant may have lost to women’s middleweight champion Elle Brooks recently, but the 30-year-old isn’t a loser in her fans’ eyes. Posting to Instagram on Thursday, the former UFC star shared sizzling swimwear snaps as she showed off her stunning figure, flaunting her rippling muscles but also proving she’s got plenty of curves. Thrilling her fans as she stripped down for a mirror selfie in her opening slide, Paige joked about this being her “other job” as fans rushed to hit “like.” Paige, who earns the majority of her cash from wrestling, also rakes in $$$ from OnlyFans, plus her “exclusive” content.

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Paige VanZant Strips To Bikini

Scroll for the photos. Posing from a neon-lit room covered in wall prints, Paige flaunted her fierce cleavage and insanely ripped abs in a plunging pink bikini. Holding her phone with one hand, the MMA fighter dropped jaws with her muscles, but eyes may have been drawn to her assets as she flaunted some underboob in her ultra-tight swimsuit.

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Wearing her hair tied back in corn rows and with pops of pink here matching her swimwear, Paige returned in a different look in a swipe right, this time losing the mirror and switching into a black bikini and jeans. Flashing her abs as she rocked her pants super low, the blonde smiled a little before returning in the same black look in front of her mirror. Paige VanZant closed her share with a socks and swim look, standing in front of a mirror and amid tons of plants as she drove fans wild all over again.

“My other job,” a joking caption read.

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No Need To Bully Her

Fans left the bare knuckle boxer over 11,000 likes in just one hour. While some teased the star over her recent career loss, others were more supportive. “I see a lot of people in these comments mocking you yet they probably don’t work half as hard as you do as they haven’t achieved what you have, I see a lot of people in these comments mocking you yet they probably don’t work half as hard as you do as they haven’t achieved what you have,” one fan replied.

Amusingly, a separate user wrote: “Yeah but doesn’t the other girl do ” the other job” too?”

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‘Her Confidence Is Unwavering’

Also sticking up for Paige was a fan calling her “sexy [AF].”

“Her confidence is unwavering. Even if she didn’t accomplish the goal, she keeps trying. More than we can say for a lot of sorry a** people that want to clown her. A physical specimen and incredibly beautiful,” they added.

Paige VanZant was knocked out in the first round of the Misfits boxing tournament she competed in. Chances are, she’ll be seeking revenge in a future fight with Elle Brooke.

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