Oop! Kenya Moore Responds After Being Accused Of Displaying Explicit Posters Of ‘RHOA’ Newcomer Brittany Eady


Kenya Moore is responding after being accused of posting explicit posters of a new ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member, Brittany Eady.

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Here’s What Kenya Moore Is Being Accused Of Doing To Brittany Eady

According to an exclusive report published by Page Six on Friday, June 7, Moore hosted a private event at her Kenya Moore Hair Spa on Thursday. The outlet alleged that Moore “shocked party attendees” with posters ofEady performing oral sex.

Eady reportedly did not attend the event. The outlet adds that after the event, reports surfaced that alleged Eady learned of Moore’s alleged act and threatened her with a gun.

However, Page Six alleges the reports are false.

“At no time was Kenya ever threatened with a weapon, nor was there ever a weapon present during the course of production,” a source told the outlet.

A separate source, however, alleges that Eady used the “word” gun in her words toward Moore. This allegedly made fellow ‘RHOA’ uncomfortable. Additionally, the second source alleged that the explicit photos of Eady are available online.

Lastly, Page Six noted that the event was captured on film by Bravo cameras. However, it remains unclear whether the incident will air.

‘RHOA’ cast member Drew Sidora reportedly shared a tweet after the event.

I’m flabbergasted and floored…” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the outlet reports that photographer Erick Robinson subsequently shared a now-deleted tweet.

“I am still trying [to] recover myself. I couldn’t even take a photo, my mouth fell to the floor and I am just in awe like that was the most deadliest scene probably ever filmed on the franchise,” Robinson wrote.

However, neither Sidora nor Robinson appeared to detail what their tweets were made in reaction to explicitly.

On Friday, June 8, a user on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a few screenshots of Eady’s posts to her Instagram Story after the event.

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me about what took place at the event yesterday,” she wrote. “I am still processing the nasty, low, disgusting vile things that was done to try to hurt me. BULLYING and revenge porn is never okay…”

In a separate post, Eady called for a stop to bullying while speaking on the legal repercussions of revenge porn in Georgia.

The Former Pageant Queen Addresses The Allegations As Brittany Eady Reacts

On Friday, June 7, Moore took to her Instagram Story to share her own message about the alleged revenge porn. The ‘RHOA’ vet appeared to deny Eady’s accusations.

“Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see,” More wrote. “The truth always comes to light.”

A few hours later, Eady returned to her Instagram Story to double down on her accusations. This time, the ‘RHOA’ newcomer also accused Moore of hazing her and denied the gun allegations.

““It’s never a good feeling being targeted or HAZED by someone I thought would embrace me into a new circle, that I never met . For the record, I never once had possession of any weapons or threatened anyone ever. I’ve never even been to jail, in fight, or even had as much as a speeding ticket. That’s not in my character. I am hurt by the narrative that’s being displayed. Wrong is wrong,” Eady wrote.

On Saturday, June 8, Moore took to X with a final message about the matter.

“I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail. I have always been vindicated. I can’t talk about STORY even with people planting fake news…” Moore explained. 


More Details On The New ‘RHOA’ Cast

According to Page Six, it remains unclear what sparked the apparent feud between Moore and Eady. As The Shade Room previously reported, in May, former ‘RHOA’ member Kandi Burruss shared her reaction to the new mix of vets and newbies in the show’s upcoming season.

At the time, Burruss noted that her leaving the show would come with stress relief.

“I’m not necessarily gonna miss that stress,” she explained at the time. “They started filming this week. I was talking to one of them — I can’t say who it was — but she was like, ‘Girl, it’s just a lot.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if I missed that part.’ I forgot about that first stress of getting the ball rolling when you’re meeting new people.”

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