Olivia Rodrigo Suffers From Wardrobe Mishap Mid-Concert


‘Vampire’ singer Olivia Rodrigo suffered from a wardrobe mishap during her concert, and a fan caught the incident on camera.

The Grammy-award-winning pop star is currently on her GUTS World Tour, performing hit songs such as ‘good 4 u,’ ‘obsessed,’ and ‘driver’s license.’

While performing ‘love is embarrassing,’ Rodrigo had an embarrassing moment as her top came undone as she was in the middle of the song.

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Olivia Rodrigo’s Top Comes Undone During Performance

As she began the chorus, singing, “And now, it don’t mean a thing. God, love’s f-cking embarrassing. Just watch as I crucify myself,” she was seen holding her chest. It was soon thereafter fans noticed her top was unbuttoned, but she didn’t let that stop her.

The show must go on, right? And fans say she handled it like a pro!

“She handled it like a bloody pro, and the fact that it happened during love is embarrassing, and she laughed it off is just brilliant,” one fan commented.

“She handled it like an absolute champ, though,” another said.

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Backup Dancer Has Olivia Rodrigo’s Back

Another video is making its rounds on TikTok, as fans cannot get enough of the backup dancer trying to fix Rodrigo’s top.

The performers continued their iconic dance routine as Rodrigo stood in front, still holding her top and laughing at the incident. The artist then continued with her own moves as the backup dancer chased her around the stage, trying to re-button her top.

“THE DANCER JUST CHASING HER TRYING TO BUTTON IT I CAN’T,” one fan said. “The dancer still hitting their marks helping Olivia is everything,” another wrote.

“Lmao, the dancer is trying to help her, and she keeps running,” a third said.

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Olivia Rodrigo Talks ‘Guts’ Album


Ahead of her tour, the former Disney Channel star discussed the ‘Guts’ record, revealing that it took “quite a long time” to make.

“It took maybe a year or a year and a half of truly working on it. And I had a lot of reservations when starting out the album-making process,” she told The New Yorker. “Coming off of the very unexpected, very appreciated success that ‘Sour’ had, there was so much pressure on what would come next.”

“I had all these voices in my head—what I thought people would like, not wanting to let people down,” she continued. “And so it took me a while to get to a place where I finally felt like I could be creative and just start writing songs that I wanted to hear on the radio, which should always be your paramount focus when you’re making anything.”

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Olivia Rodrigo Thanks Her Parents For Her Taste In Music

Olivia Rodrigo performing at Good Morning America

Rodrigo says her parents really influenced her taste in music because they loved “nineties alternative rock.”

“I grew up listening to the Smashing Pumpkins and Hole and the White Stripes, and, also, from a very early age, I fell in love with a lot of female singer-songwriters,” she told the outlet. “I realized that that was the lineage that I wanted to follow in.”

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“I remember going to the thrift store with my mom when I was probably thirteen years old and getting ‘Tapestry,’ by Carole King, for the first time, and just playing it to death,” the ‘good 4 u’ singer added. “I’d play it over and over and over, and get all these Pat Benatar records and play them over and over and over, and Joni Mitchell, and, I dunno, I just remember something clicking in my head when I was really young and being, like, Wow, those are the girls that I want to emulate.”

Olivia Rodrigo On Growth Over The Years

Olivia Rodrigo at Los Angeles Premiere Of Lions Gate Films' 'The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes'

Rodrigo first got her start on Disney Channel and has since grown into one of the biggest pop stars today. Reflecting back, she said she has “changed so much just between the ages of seventeen and twenty.”

“In that time period, you grow. I feel like I grew twenty-five years in three years. So, yeah, she’s vastly different. But I definitely remember the fear of sitting down and trying to write this second album, and thinking, Oh, my God, I’m not a seventeen-year-old girl going through her first heartbreak anymore,” she added. “That’s such a universally relatable experience.”

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