Olivia Dunne Stuns In Cheeky Bikini For SI Swimsuit Photoshoot


LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne, also known as Livvy, made a stunning entrance into her second year as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, captivating audiences with her recent photoshoot.

Displaying confidence and allure, she left a lasting impression as she flaunted an array of tiny bikinis.

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Olivia Dunne Puts On A Cheeky View In A Tiny Bikini

Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

On Tuesday, May 14, Dunne took to Instagram to unveil two photos that ignited a frenzy online. Captioning her post with “We’re so back @si_swimsuit,” the 21-year-old athlete signaled her return to the spotlight.

In the first image, Dunne exuded elegance in a white bikini paired with a daring thong bottom. With her hands gracefully raised above her head and a sultry gaze over her left shoulder, she commanded attention.

The second snapshot revealed Dunne in a purple string bikini, the tied strings accentuating her figure as she leaned back against a railing, highlighting her sculpted abs and cascading locks of hair.

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Bikini Pics That ‘Ate’

Olivia Dunne poses for the camera during her SI Swimsuit photoshoot.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

The Instagram community flooded the comments section with reactions to Dunne’s mesmerizing photos.

One user humorously exclaimed, “broke both of my kneecaps falling to the floor in Walmart,” capturing the exaggerated impact of Dunne’s beauty.

The gymnast’s teammate, Aleah Finnegan, wrote, “Oh these absolutely ate.”

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Making Jaws Drop

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne takes a selfie in her leotard.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

Meanwhile, another commenter simply stated, “Jaw hit the floor,” succinctly expressing the astonishment shared by many at Dunne’s captivating appearance.

A different user remarked, “I got sent home from barking too much at work.”

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Feeling So ‘Blessed’

Olivia Dunne takes a selfie inside the car while wearing a plunging black lace top.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

Dunne reflected on how her appearance in the magazine the previous year opened numerous doors for her. Among these opportunities was the chance to present an award at the ESPYs.

Dunne’s impact extended beyond herself; she pioneered “The Livvy Fund” last summer. This initiative aimed to support female student-athletes in seizing new opportunities within the realm of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness), thereby paving the way for her teammates to explore and benefit from these emerging avenues.

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“I’m blessed enough to have all these opportunities with NIL, and I just wanted to provide NIL opportunities for the women student-athletes at LSU,” she said during her shoot in Porto, Portugal. “When I get a brand deal, the brand puts money into the Livvy Fund, and we partner… other female student-athletes with the brand.”

Being A Supportive Girlfriend To Paul Skenes

Olivia Dunne takes a selfie in the car with Paul Skenes.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

Beyond her stunning swimsuit photoshoots, Dunne garnered attention recently due to her boyfriend, Paul Skenes, making his MLB starting debut. The 21-year-old pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates showcased his talent by pitching for four innings on Saturday, May 11, with Dunne by his side, providing unwavering support throughout the memorable occasion.

As reported by The Blast, Dunne delighted fans by sharing a heartwarming video capturing the genuine and touching reaction of the couple to Skenes’ call-up. In this intimate moment, viewers were given a glimpse into their excitement and joy, offering a candid portrayal of their relationship and shared milestones.

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