Olivia Dunne In Her Tight, Plunging Top Shows Off Abs That Are ‘To Die For’


Olivia Dunne graced her Instagram page with a collection of effortlessly alluring snapshots!

The LSU gymnast captivated her 4.9 million followers with an enticing post. In a series of five photos she shared on her feed, Dunne showcased her stunning physique in a sizzling ensemble. Prepare for a jaw-dropping display!

Olivia Dunne Is Making Jaws Drop In Her Outfit

The 21-year-old opted for a figure-hugging white tank top crafted from a stretchy fabric, molding to her curves with precision. Its deep, scooped neckline offered a generous glimpse of her décolletage, while the snug fit accentuated her ample cleavage. Supported by narrow shoulder straps, the top highlighted her sculpted arms and showcased her toned physique. With its abbreviated length, the garment left portions of her well-defined midsection exposed, unveiling her chiseled abs. Opting to forego a bra, Dunne embraced the thickness of the fabric.

Complementing her top, she paired it with black joggers featuring a substantial waistband that delicately hugged her hips, drawing attention to her petite waistline and sculpted abdomen. Despite the loose fit of the bottoms from her thighs downward, they exuded a subtle allure, perfectly balancing comfort and allure.

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To complete her look, Dunne adorned herself with subtle yet elegant accessories, including a delicate necklace featuring a cross pendant and a pair of understated earrings. Her golden locks cascaded down in soft waves, styled with a deep middle part, framing her features gracefully. Embracing a natural aesthetic, she opted for minimal makeup, allowing her inherent beauty to radiate. Her makeup appeared to include sculpted eyebrows, defined with black eyeliner, enhanced with several coats of mascara and finished with a touch of blush to accentuate her cheeks. Not to overlook any detail, her perfectly manicured nails sported a classic French tip style.

In the first picture, Dunne stood poised in front of a white wall, her hip subtly popped to the side. With a slight tilt of her head, she parted her lips and gazed directly into the lens, exuding confidence and allure.\

Showing Off That Toned Body!

On the following frame, the blonde beauty gracefully rested her left hand on her ribcage, while her right hand extended backward to lightly touch the wall. A swipe to the right revealed the gymnast in a playful pose, cupping her chest with one hand while sticking her tongue out and casting a mischievous glance to the side.

In the fourth image, Dunne flashed two peace signs while playfully pouting her lips, adding a touch of fun to the series. Concluding the set, she stood sideways, her face turned towards the camera with eyes closed in a serene expression.

Accompanying the captivating images, Dunne captioned the post with a simple yet intriguing phrase, “Picture this.”

This enigmatic caption added an extra layer of allure, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the visual narrative she presented.

Compliments Pour In

The post quickly became a fan favorite, amassing over 620,000 likes in no time. Delighted followers flooded the comments section with an outpouring of admiration and compliments for the internet sensation. While some opted for a simple trail of emojis to convey their awe, others couldn’t resist expressing their adoration more explicitly.

“Jaw on the floor,” exclaimed fellow LSU gymnast Elena Arenas, captivated by Dunne’s stunning photos.

“OMG YOU’RE DROP DEAD GORGEOUS,” gushed dancer Brooke Monk, echoing the sentiments of many enamored fans.

“Great post, Livvy. Keep it up,” encouraged another admirer, appreciating Dunne’s continued captivating content.

“Pure beauty,” declared a fourth user, encapsulating the sentiment shared by countless others captivated by Dunne’s allure and grace.

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