WATCH: Nicki Minaj Settles Beef With Deb Antney After Confronting Her For Unauthorized Contact With Lil’ Kim


Chile! It looks like Nicki Minaj and Deb Antney have peaced things up.

On Friday, July 5, Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram Live teasing new music, with Deb Antney caught in the background vibin’ out to the unreleased track.

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Nicki Minaj & Deb Antney Make Amends

As The Shade Room previously reported, Nicki confronted Deb after discovering that she had reached out to another rapper’s camp without her permission. The ‘Big Difference’ rapper addressed the talent manager on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Well, things now seem to be going well between the two. Nicki’s video footage shows Deb sitting beside her, clearly enjoying the song. The Queen appeared to be in good spirits, smiling and dancing to the record in a multicolored Chanel bucket hat and two-tone hoodie.

Social Media Reacts To Rapper

The Roomies quickly responded to Nicki’s Instagram Live video in The Shade Room comment section, asserting their belief that, considering their history, she would never fall out with Deb. Meanwhile, other social media users eagerly inquired about the track’s release date.

Instagram user @kalimulaa__ wrote, You can correct family when they’re wrong and still move like family after 💯” 

Instagram user @simply____jassy wrote, I mean they have a mother daughter relationship. Why would people think Nicki was going to cut Deb off?” 

While Instagram user @imdefense wrote, Y’all know Nicki is gonna say what she feels whether you like it or not. She really forgiving as well.” 

Then Instagram user @shaytrending wrote, Duh she’s like a second mom to her! ❤️” 

Instagram user @quan.bbyy wrote, I mean did yall expect for them to fall out!?? They’ve been in each others life for awhile!” 

Another Instagram user @superrdeej wrote, I love how none of Nicki music sounds the same. she’s so versatile & that’s what separates her from them other girls.” 

Finally, Instagram user @amyurdream wrote, That ish sound 🔥🔥🔥 release neowwww please and thank you.” 

Details On Nicki’s Past Issue With Deb

For context, Nicki clarified the situation after Deb spoke to a blogger about contacting Lil’ Kim. According to The Shade Room, Deb had reached out without Nicki’s permission, leaving the musician concerned about the potential misunderstanding it would cause.

The interviewer asked Antney if she would advise Nicki to reconcile with Kim. After a brief pause, Deb responded, “To be perfectly honest with you, she’s gonna kill me for even saying this, but I did reach out to Kim.” 

Nicki caught wind of Deb’s response and immediately called her out via X, a.k.a. Twitter, for not discussing her second round of Gag City U.S. tour dates instead.

“I didn’t ask you to do a THING! You told me AFTER THE FACT & I SCREAMED ON YOU & told you if you reach out to ppl now that you’re being seen around me, they will THINK it’s coming FROM ME so to NEVER do that again w/o discussing it without FIRST,” Nicki wrote.

Nicki elaborated that she wasn’t feeling Deb taking that action, as it could be perceived as coming from her. She also discussed Deb’s response to their private conversation and requested that her name not be mentioned for any more clout.

“I said I’d never want that & that now she’d think that message came from me, which is not cool. “You laughed it off & said her & Foxy should come out I said no. I’d only want Foxy to come out on stage with me, she’s like family to me. No disrespct. God bless everyone & our children!!!! Let us all do our thing & thank GOD for LIFE. Stop using my name for clickbait in 2024. We get it!!!!!! I’m dat btch!!!”

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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