Netflix’s NFL Deal Is The Streamer’s Biggest Investment In Live Sports – Here’s Why It’s A Huge Deal – SlashFilm


As the streaming wars have raged on, we’ve seen these streaming services run up against a ceiling in subscriber growth. That’s why Netflix and Disney+ have cracked down on password sharing in recent months, and that has resulted in more subscriptions. Live sports have long been seen as one of the largest areas for potential growth. As cable and traditional TV continue to slowly die, everyone in the media business needs to ensure a streaming-focused future. Hence, the NFL is hedging its bets by getting into business with multiple streamers. For years, DirecTV had the Sunday Ticket rights. Now? It’s YouTube. Times are changing.

Yes, many NFL games still air on live TV channels such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS, but the league understands that they can’t ignore streaming if they want to retain a massive audience, in addition to reaching younger, new fans, who are certainly watching the majority of TV on streaming services. Given that Netflix is the largest streaming service around, this new deal makes perfect sense for both sides. Hans Schroeder, NFL Executive Vice President of Media Distribution, had this to say:

“We couldn’t be more excited to be the first professional sports league to partner with Netflix to bring live games to fans around the world. The NFL on Christmas has become a tradition and to partner with Netflix, a service whose biggest day of the year is typically this holiday, is the perfect combination to grow this event globally for NFL fans.”

Unfortunately, live sports rights don’t come cheap and the NFL isn’t cutting anyone any breaks on the price to get into the streaming game. That means, inevitably, Netflix will use these live sporting events to raise prices yet again. The potential to squeeze more profit per-customer is the real endgame here.

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