Online Dating Turns Deadly In Netflix’s Top New Documentary – SlashFilm


Look, we all know Netflix productions are hit and miss, and as last year’s streaming success of “The Snowman” proved, Netflixers will pretty much watch anything. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing good to be found among the deluge of media sitting on Netflix’s servers. I’m not sure if “Lover, Stalker, Killer” is an example of that, but if you happen to be single and want to dissuade yourself from ever trying online dating again, “Lover, Stalker, Killer” might be just what you need.

Poor old Dave Kroupa started out going on a few dates before finding himself the victim of intense stalking and harassment. As the documentary goes on, it’s revealed the perpetrator of this unhinged behavior went a lot further than harassment, with the story ultimately ending in tragedy for one of the parties involved in this wretched love triangle. All of which, it seems, has Netflix audiences transfixed.

According to streaming data aggregator FlixPatrol, “Lover, Stalker, Killer” has become nothing short of a worldwide hit since hitting Netflix on February 9, 2024. Not only has the documentary been at number one in the U.S. since its debut, it’s also repeated that feat in several other markets, including Switzerland, Canada, and Austria. In fact, the Europeans can’t get enough of this one either, with the documentary also enjoying a perfect run at the top in Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, and the Netherlands. But it’s not just viewers on the continent that are eagerly devouring this latest twisted tale from Netflix.

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