A Brutal War Movie With Brad Pitt And Shia LaBeouf Is Trending On Netflix – SlashFilm


It’s easy to see why audiences are connecting with “Fury.” For one, it has a fantastic cast, and the dynamic and relationship between the characters in the film is fun and compelling to watch. Unlike many war dramas that focus on big squadrons engaging in battle in open-air landscapes, “Fury” is a rather intimate and enclosed film. Most of the story takes place inside or just around the titular tank, and you quickly feel the isolation and the toll it is taking on the characters. As our own Witney Seibold once put it, “Over the course of ‘Fury,’ audiences witness several characters losing their souls to the violence, each one becoming far too accustomed to death. Humanity will fall, swallowed by the muck of violence.”

It’s not only the characters who go through hell, however. Brad Pitt once spoke of how arduous the process of filming was. Not only did he build an entire backstory for his character, but he also compared the rehearsal process to getting a root canal: “It was really an amazing experience the way it was structured to break us down, to make us understand hardship, make us be cold, wet, hungry, physically exhausted and then gave us tasks that would bring us together, bond us, discover each other’s weaknesses and strengths and establish a pecking order.”

You can now see how that effort paid off in “Fury,” now streaming on Netflix.

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