A Spanish Money Laundering Thriller Is Making It’s Way Up Netflix Charts – SlashFilm


“El Correo” debuted on Netflix on May 10, 2024 and became the ninth most-watched film on the service two days later. However, as streaming viewership tracker FlixPatrol shows, since its arrival on the service, “El Correo” has finessed its way up the rankings, and on May 13 managed to snag the third position, where it remains as of May 14. That’s an impressive run for the Spanish thriller, and a significant jump from May 12 to May 13, suggesting Netflixers are streaming this one in earnest.

But it doesn’t stop with Netflix U.S. The movie has also managed to capture global attention upon its streaming debut. “El Correo” is currently charting in 64 countries around the world, and has nabbed the top spot in five of them. As of May 14, the movie is number one in Argentina, Germany, Oman, Turkey, and Uruguay, though it isn’t currently available on Netflix in its native Spain, so there’s no way to tell whether the film would have more success on streaming than it did in Spanish theaters.

Still, this is a pretty impressive streaming debut for “El Correo,” which, considering its momentum, could still make it to the top spot in the States before the week is up. At the time of writing, it has to beat the current number one movie in the U.S., Brooke Shields rom-com “Mother of the Bride” (which shouldn’t be that tough of a challenge). But what might prove more difficult is taking out everyone’s favorite ogre. “Shrek” has taken over Netflix in the past week, and currently holds the number two spot. It will be interesting to see if “El Correo” can defeat Dreamworks’ pride and joy as things play out.

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