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It’s all in the hips, folks. You just never know where unexpected news for highly-anticipated sequels will come from these days, but there’s reason for (cautious) optimism that a “Happy Gilmore” sequel is well and truly in the works. Carefully describing this as a project “in the making” and after doing a little digging that revealed Netflix’s involvement, Deadline’s report backs up Christopher McDonald’s comments about a first draft for “Happy Gilmore 2” being turned in.

The original 1996 movie was co-written by both Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler and directed by Dennis Dugan. There’s no word just yet on the creative team for this sequel, but the Netflix connection does make a certain amount of sense. Sandler and his production company Happy Madison have had a longstanding deal with the streaming service, with Sandler’s most recent starring role coming in Netflix’s “Spaceman.” Sandler has also been attached to upcoming movies by acclaimed directors like Noah Baumbach and another collaboration with the Safdie brothers (following up on the anxiety-inducing “Uncut Gems”), but a return to much more familiar territory wouldn’t be the most unwelcome turn of events. Over the years, fans have increasingly gravitated towards Sandler’s performance as failed hockey player-turned-golfer Happy Gilmore and held it up as arguably one of his best roles, meaning that there’s been plenty of time to build up demand for a sequel.

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