One Of The Best Netflix Shows Helped Andrew Garfield Through A Low Moment – SlashFilm


At any rate, Garfield found himself touched by a more serious moment in the show involving his character, in which antihero BoJack (Will Arnett) loses out on a major movie role when Garfield becomes available. The episode, the season 1 finale titled “Later,” apparently came into the actor’s life at just the right moment. “I had a really bad night on stage and I came home just feeling so low, feeling really like a bad actor, like I blew it,” Garfield recalled, “and I put on ‘BoJack’ and it happened to be the episode where BoJack is auditioning for ‘Seabiscuit.'” It’s the role of a lifetime for the former sitcom star, and as Garfield noted, he’s confident that it’s his moment. “He auditions and he nails the audition,” the actor explained, “and he’s about to get the part, and then the casting director gets a call saying, ‘Oh my God, Andrew Garfield just became available for the part of Seabiscuit.'”

From the sound of it, Garfield went into the scene identifying most with BoJack, yet its hyper-specific twist of fate left him more aware than ever of what he had, and perhaps helped him snap out of his moment of insecurity. “BoJack is the one that is left totally despondent, so there was this amazing moment of complete existential meta, like suddenly I was BoJack but also I was me and I was the one getting in my way,” Garfield told Radio 1. In a move that’s fitting for the painfully tragicomical “BoJack Horseman,” the actor said he was left both laughing and sobbing “uncontrollably” in response to the scene.

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