The Aliens In 3 Body Problem Have A Point: Their Motivation Explained – SlashFilm


The San-Ti attempt to communicate their needs to humankind in a strangely roundabout yet ultimately effective way, creating a highly advanced video game-style simulation that they gift to the world’s leading scientists. Their goal is to help the scientists understand where they’re coming from, and it’s Jin (Hong) who finally figures out what’s going on by completing every level. The San-Ti, it seems, are a group of otherworldly beings whose planet is beholden to a three-body system, meaning it has two suns and is prone to changing orbit. This makes the planet more susceptible to “chaotic eras,” including ice ages, warming periods, and dangerous changes in gravity.

All of this is unsustainable for the San-Ti, so they set out in search of a new home. They received a message from Earth — sent by China’s super-satellite — with a personalized addition from political exile turned scientist Ye Wenjie (Zine Tseng). When Ye, jaded by her experiences during the Cultural Revolution, requests that the San-Ti come and take over Earth, the entity she’s speaking with notes that Earth will be conquered and discourages her from sending a follow-up message. She chooses to reply anyway, welcoming the change in regime, so the San-Ti head out on a 400-plus-year mission toward our solar system.

As far as we can tell up to this point, the San-Ti are a group of individuals looking for a home like anyone else. Unlike human colonizers, however, they asked permission before setting out to Earth, and initially even tried to forge an alliance with those who weren’t scared of them. When the relationship between humans and the San-Ti went south, it was entirely humankind’s fault.

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