Legendary Writer Neil Gaiman Almost Made A Thor Series – But He Clashed With Marvel – SlashFilm


Here’s what Gaiman had to say:

Long ago — around 2006 — I was asked to create a Thor animated cartoon, and I got all excited, and the brief was it had to be set before the Thor movie,” he stated. “I did a deep Thor dive, reread everything Jack Kirby drew, came up with a whole story shape that ran a few seasons showing young Loki going from hero-worshipping his big brother to Going to the Bad, and then they told me I wasn’t actually allowed to have any of the characters at any point be different in any way from how they were in the Thor movie, so I said no thank you and stopped.

The timeline here is a little confusing. Gaiman says he was asked to write this animated series in 2006, but Marvel didn’t want him to add details that weren’t in the “Thor” movie. However, the first “Thor” movie didn’t come out until 2011. Did Gaiman take several years to put together his ideas? Or did Marvel simply have the “Thor” screenplay sitting around for several years, waiting to get made? There was definitely development on the solo “Thor” project back in 2006, so perhaps Marvel already had their concepts set in stone for the character. 

In any case, this is a huge missed opportunity. An animated “Thor” series created by Gaiman has a ton of potential, and we missed out by being denied its completion. Perhaps Marvel can get Gaiman to repurpose his ideas for an episode of the animated series “What If…?” Or maybe not. 

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