My Man, My Man! Cher Claims She’s Proud Of Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards’ Cannes Fight


Cher publicly defends her boyfriend, Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, after Tyga and Travis Scott’s crews brawled in Cannes.

The music icon took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express pride in her man’s actions.

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The Fight In Cannes, France

As previously reported by The Shade Room, rappers Travis Scott and Tyga’s entourages were involved in an altercation in Cannes, France. At the time, the entertainers nor their management confirmed or denied the incident. However, a video circulating led people to believe the two rappers were exchanging blows, especially after the cameraman in one of the viral videos specifically named them. It was later revealed that Tyga was not involved in the tussle. Several people attempted to intervene to break up the chaos.

Cher Shows Her Support for Alexander

It was later revealed that Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, was one of Tyga’s crew members who exchanged blows. Cher recently wrote on social media, “I’m Proud of Alexander. He Didn’t Start The fight Against 2 Men,…He finished it, Gotta Love Him.”

TMZ  asked Edwards about the fight, and he quipped that his bodyguard “didn’t have to work that night.” He stated it was just “n***** being n*****” and categorized it as ” a healthy fade.” 

“It is what it is. It went how it went, and that’s it,” AE added. He said that he never looks for a fight but will always “protect myself and my people.” Furthermore, he said he had no issues with Travis Scott and had “no hard feelings.” However, when he was asked if he had a message for the ‘Out West’ rapper and his crew, Alexander said, “They got the message.”

The cameraman then asked him if Cher was upset that he was involved in the altercation, to which he responded, “Hell naw.” He added that Cher is supportive of his choices. “Whatever I’m with, my b**** with it too,” AE stated.

Cher supporting her man and his hood activities is a little hilarious. She stickin’ beside ’em.

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