Monica Bellucci’s Daughter Deva Cassel, 19, Wears Nothing Beneath A Blazer


Deva Cassel, the 19-year-old daughter of acclaimed actress Monica Bellucci and actor Vincent Cassel, has once again captured the spotlight, this time with a bold fashion statement that left jaws dropping!

The young model and social media influencer turned heads as she confidently flaunted her style in a daring ensemble that pushed the boundaries of conventional fashion norms.

Deva Cassel Is Blowing Instagram Away

In a recent Instagram post, Deva shared a striking photo of herself donning nothing but a sleek brown blazer, leaving little to the imagination. The teen showcased her fashion-forward approach by opting to wear the blazer as a standalone piece, eschewing traditional undergarments for a more daring and provocative look.

She paired the outerwear with high-waisted denim pants, adding a touch of casual chic to her bold look.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The captivating snapshot captured Deva exuding confidence and poise as she posed effortlessly in the statement blazer, which featured a tailored silhouette and sharp lapels. With her brunette locks cascading down in sleek straight strands and a subtle hint of makeup enhancing her natural beauty, Deva radiated an aura of effortless glamour and sophistication.

The daring fashion choice showcased Deva’s fearless approach to style and her willingness to embrace unconventional trends. As the daughter of two accomplished actors, Deva has undoubtedly inherited her parents’ flair for the dramatic and her mother’s iconic sense of style.

Sexy In Sisley

The captivating photo served as an advertisement for Sisley, with Deva acknowledging the creative team behind the shoot by listing their names in the caption of the post.

As Deva shared the striking photo, compliments poured in from her followers, praising her bold fashion choice and striking beauty.

“Rooting for you gorgeous!!!” expressed an admirer, while another called Deva a “perfect lady.”

The third user added, “So gorgeous and beautiful.”

While Deva continues to make her mark in the world of fashion and entertainment, she also remains grounded in her pursuits, using her platform to advocate for important causes and inspire her legion of followers. With her fearless attitude and undeniable talent, Deva is poised to carve out her own path in the industry, cementing her status as a rising star to watch.

Growing Up With Famous Parents

The Italian actress welcomed her eldest daughter in 2004 with her then-husband Cassel, and the pair also shares another daughter, Léonie, who was born in 2010.

While Belucci and Cassel’s youngest child opts for a more private life as she grows, Deva stepped into the public eye and followed her mother’s path into modeling. At her young age, she has already achieved significant milestones, including gracing the cover of Vogue Italy alongside her mother and landing a role in the upcoming Netflix series, “The Leopard.”

Being raised by two accomplished actors, Deva shared in her November 2023 cover story with Gen V that she gleaned invaluable lessons from her parents as she grew up — not only about navigating the industry but also about self-protection.

“They taught me to always look forward, to always protect myself, to always be kind, and always keep wonder in mind,” she said. “There’s much more, but the point is that they’ve taught me how to handle unexpected situations and live by my own rules while always respecting people and the environment I’m in.”

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