Miley Cyrus Hiking In Crop Top Highlights Stunning Gym Body


Miley Cyrus made instant headlines for hitting up the Hollywood hills in 2022, braving the L.A. heat in June and sticking to the great outdoors for her workout. Enjoying a solo hike, but chased around by the paparazzi, the 31-year-old flaunted her super-fit figure in a stylish, sporty look, outfitted in a bold red crop top and sweatpants as she kept comfy during her outing. Going viral as she flashed her washboard abs, Miley quickly wound up with every media outlet around covering her hike, and the photos recently resurfaced on a fan Instagram account dedicated to her. The user sharing the snaps said they were struggling to “believe this woman is real.”

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Miley Cyrus Stuns Hiking Hollywood Hills

Scroll for the photos. Showing off her trim waistline, Miley kept trendy in a bright red crop top with thin straps and a slightly low neckline. Glowing in the sunshine, the “Flowers” hitmaker flashed her many tattoos as she highlighted her defined arms and shoulders, keeping covered up down below as she wore black Adidas sweatpants with the brand’s signature triple stripe in white.

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Going a little incognito via her black baseball cap, Miley wore Nike sneakers as she carried a water bottle, with small hoop earrings completing her unfussy look. Cyrus is a known workout queen, who has often made headlines for her Instagram-posted yoga sessions, plus more recent Pilates ones. The pop star has also proven a talking point for assessing her former plant-based diet and turning her back on veganism, a decision she revealed in 2020.

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Vegan Diet Meant Brain ‘Wasn’t Functioning’

Outlining her journey, Miley Cyrus told The Joe Rogan Experience:

“I was vegan for a very long time and I’ve had to introduce fish and omegas into my life because my brain wasn’t functioning properly,” adding:”Now I’m so much sharper than I was and I think that I was, at one point, pretty malnutritioned. I remember going to Glastonbury (music festival) and that was a show that I loved—I loved my performance—but I was running on empty.”

As to the workout body, it’s been visible in pretty much every IG share Miley has posted of late, perhaps with the exception of her more covered-up looks in her latest W Magazine feature.

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Stunning Figure In Green Bra

Miley stunned fans with this Vogue cover in May 2023, making headlines at the time for the release of her chart-topping Endless Summer Vacation. Flaunting her incredibly toned abs and curves, the ex to Liam Hemsworth posed for the magazine’s cover in a green satin bra and matching skirt, showing off her good looks and some impressive bicep muscle. Over a year after her album’s release, Miley Cyrus is likely seeing that $160 million net worth up!

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