Mike Flanagan’s The Exorcist Won’t Have One Of His Usual Director Trademarks [ATX Festival] – SlashFilm


The monologue is a recognizable element of Mike Flanagan’s style, but the storyteller admitted that he gets constant pushback for doing them, which is ridiculous. Indeed, the monologue best exemplifies what makes Flanagan’s style so unique within the horror sphere. The monologue and soliloquy are more than just delivery methods for profound themes and emotionally devastating moments; they are also “art forms in and of themselves,” as Flanagan put it. And let there be no doubt, Flanagan’s powers in writing monologues reached their apex with “Midnight Mass,” his masterpiece and a horror show packed with raw, memorable, moving monologues about faith, grief, and death.

Though it’s sad we won’t see them in the next “Exorcist” movie, Flanagan’s brand of horror, which focuses primarily on character relationships and emotion, feels fitting for this particular horror franchise. As much as the vomiting, the chanting about “the power of Christ,” and the levitating are remembered, the thing that makes the original “Exorcist” the scariest movie of all time (not to mention, one of the horror genre’s biggest box office success stories) is that, at its core, it’s a simple story about a loving mother trying desperately to help her daughter — and having no idea how to do so — as she endures what appears to be a mysterious illness, yet slowly reveals itself to be something else altogether.

The next “Exorcist” film has yet to set an official release date.

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