Melania Trump’s Ex-Aide Calls Marriage To Donald Trump ‘Transactional’


Melania Trump‘s former friend and assistant, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has summarized her marriage to Donald Trump as a business transaction.

Wolkoff said the couple’s union is “transactional” as they have both “garnered so much” out of it. She also explained that she doesn’t expect to see Melania in court supporting Trump in his ongoing hush money trial.

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Melania Trump’s Marriage To Donald Trump Is Labeled ‘Transactional’


Wolkoff made the remark during a discussion about Trump’s ongoing New York hush money trial with CNN’s Jake Tapper, explaining that she believed Melania’s Marriage to the former president was “transactional” in nature.

“I think people have to remember who Melania really is. There is no enigma, there is no mysteriousness,” the former senior advisor to Melania shared, per HuffPost.

She continued, “Melania really is who she has portrayed herself to be. There is a strength within her that is unlike any other individual I have ever met. She does not care what others feel about her, nor does she feel she had to ever explain anything to the American people.”

Wolkoff then noted that Melania and Trump’s marriage is a “transactional marriage in so many ways,” as they both secured a lot out of it.

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The “Melania and Me” tell-all author went further to explain what she meant by her thoughts about their marriage being “transactional” in nature.

She stated that by marrying the billionaire politician, Melania finally got to “be the Vogue cover model that she’s always wanted to be.” The marriage also did Trump some good as he “was legitimized as trying to get away from that whole playboy mentality that everyone wanted to characterize him as.”

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She Will Not Support Her Husband Donald Trump In Court

Donald Trump's Marriage To Melania Is Allegedly Only About 'Business And Not Pleasure'

Wolkoff’s conversation with Tapper continued as the news anchor pressed for her thoughts on whether Melania would attend a court session to support Trump in his ongoing New York hush money trial.

Trump is being accused of falsifying company records on the back of his 2016 presidential election win to cover up an alleged payment of $130,000 to former adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her mute over an affair they had.

“I don’t think we’re going to see Melania Trump accompanying Donald to court,” Wolkoff told Tapper. “Melania is Melania’s own person, in regards, again, to a marriage that you want to consider to be something that most people are trying to still understand, don’t.”

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“I do not see her supporting him this way because she is not someone who, I think, that you can feel that humiliation without having to put yourself in front of the cameras,” she added. “Everything Melania does is staged, so everything is articulated in a way for her before she does her interviews. So everything, like I said, is very strategically planned. She is not going to put herself in a position where she’s giving anyone the opportunity to say anything negative about her.”

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The Ex-Aide Released Receipts Of The Former First Lady’s Reaction To News Of Her Husband’s Alleged Affair

Trump returns White House Cutting Short His Vacation

Before Wolkoff and Melania fell out in February 2018, the pair were close pals, so close enough that the former supermodel felt free to tell her things over the phone without thinking twice.

She claimed in her post that Melania “knows who she married” and that she is “complicit.”

“I was worried sick about Melania hours before Donald’s 2nd presidential debate and texted her, ‘Are you ok?'” Wolkoff wrote in the caption, referencing the first text on the screenshot.

“Melania’s response… ‘Hi, love. I canceled the interview tomorrow (with @andersoncooper) & wanted to know ‘If I had time for lunch.’ She wanted to talk,” she wrote.

Wolkoff continued, “It’s an unconventional marriage & she’s complicit. Remember that Melania does not care what anyone thinks about her or Donald. She knows who she married, and so does he.”

The text, dated Oct. 10, 2016, showed them making several plans to get together after Trump’s allegations came up. She also tagged the Manhattan DA alongside the post.

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Melania Trump Was The Brain Behind Her Husband’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Excuse

President Trump Holds Departure Ceremony Before Florida Travel

During Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen’s testimony on Monday, he gave some insight into the ex-president’s relationship with his wife.

For the period the testimony lasted, the self-acclaimed fixer for the former president treated the jury to several never before-heard information, one of which was how Melania was seemingly the one behind Trump’s excuse to take control over the story of the leaked Access Hollywood footage.

“He wanted me to reach out to all my contacts in media,” Cohen told those in the courtroom about Trump’s reaction to the footage coming to light.

He added, “We needed to put a spin on this… that this is locker room talk, something that Melania had recommended—that’s what Melania had thought it was—and use that in order to get control over the story and to minimize its impact on him and his campaign.”

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Melania Trump’s Mother’s Day Message Was Heavily Scrutinized

Melania Trump, Donald Trump

Wolkoff went guns blazing when Melania recently posted a Mother’s Day celebration message to her X account on Sunday, accusing the former first lady of false accusations and implying that she “betrayed” her.

In her message, Melania urged American moms to be “mindful of ourselves” despite catering to their families and children. She described mothers as the “cornerstone of every flourishing society” and the “bedrock of every American family,” adding that she took “great pride” in “embracing” the responsibility that comes with it.

All that didn’t sit right with her ex-aide, who took issue with her message and slammed her for seemingly being hypocritical

“Betrayal between mothers is especially deep when one chooses lies over truth, showing a disregard not just for honesty, but for the bond that did unite them,” Wolkoff said in response to Melania’s Mother’s Day Message.

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