Melania Trump Reveals Why Son Barron Has Declined Florida Delegate Role


Barron Trump‘s political debut has seemingly suffered a setback as reports from his mother’s office revealed he has declined a chance to serve as a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention.

Barron was initially chosen alongside 40 other Florida delegates to formally nominate Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for November’s presidential election.

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Why Barron Trump ‘Declined’ To Be RNC Delegate


Donald Trump’s youngest son had been tipped to begin his political career when he was selected to stand as a delegate for the state of Florida in the upcoming Republican National Convention.

The convention is scheduled to be held from July 15 to 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Trump even reacted to Barron’s selection, noting that he was “all for it.”

According to the DailyMail, reports from his mother, Melania’s office, have now revealed that the high school senior will not be taking the role of a delegate because of “prior commitments.”

A spokeswoman for the former first lady said in a statement that “while Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments.”

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The 18-Year-Old Would Have Served Alongside His Siblings

Republicans Furious Over Donald Trump's Son Barron Being Labeled 'Fair Game' After Turning 18

Barron’s selection as a delegate marked his foray into the world of politics, just like many of his family members.

He was chosen alongside his half-siblings, Donald Jr., Eric, and Tiffany, to serve as delegates for the state of Florida, where Trump now resides and votes.

His other half-sister, Ivanka, who has since resigned from politics, once served as a senior advisor to her father during his tenure as president.

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Donald Trump Said He Was ‘All For’ Barron Being A Delegate

Donald Trump's Son Barron Begins Political Journey At 18 As Florida Delegate At GOP Convention

During a recent interview with Telemundo 51, the former president misstated his youngest son’s age as he reacted joyfully to news about his selection.

“He’s pretty young, I will say. He’s 17,” Trump said in an interview with the Miami-based news outlet. “But if they can do that, I’m all for it.”

Barron turned 18 in March and is set to graduate high school next week. His father had rued the possibility of missing out on the event due to his ongoing New York hush money trial, but that seemingly won’t stop the show as Trump requested a break from his criminal trial so he can attend the graduation on May 17.

Judge Juan Merchan has approved Trump’s request.

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Melania Trump Is Prepared To Give Barron Some Space To Be His Own Person

Barron Trump, Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Amalija Knavs, Viktor Knavs

Barron has notably been out of the public eye, thanks to his mother being very protective of him. After turning 18, and with the possibility that he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps, sources shared that his mother is now prepared to let go of her tight grip on his life.

Not much is known about the high school senior, especially considering he has never spoken out in public. Reports suggest he’s an ardent supporter of his father’s 2024 reelection bid and is keen to create his platform and publicly share what he stands for, something Melania had kept him away from.

Per the Mirror, a source close to the family shared that Melania is ready to give him more space and let him do his thing but will continue to keep a close watch over him as Trump’s legal battles continue.

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“While he was still a minor, she zealously protected him, and we knew very little about the details of his daily life,” a source told the DailyMail.

“I think he’s allowed to make more decisions for himself now. He can invite anyone to dinner he wishes. He’s slowly becoming more public.”

Melania Trump Is Helping Her Son Choose A College

How Melania Trump's Testimony In Hush Money Trial Could Be 'Powerful' Support For Her Husband

Whether or not Barron’s political career will start soon is still a matter of debate, but efforts are in place to ensure he gets the best possible college experience.

Since she already renegotiated her prenuptial agreement with Trump, Melania is reportedly helping Barron choose what college he’ll go to after his high school graduation, with his father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, being considered as a potential choice.

According to a source, it is also highly probable that the mother of one would relocate to the state where his potential college choice is situated.

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“Melania’s main job is taking care of Barron, and I think it’s possible that she will follow him wherever he goes to school,” a source told People Magazine. “Barron is shy and reserved, and she has been a good mother to him all of these years.”

“Melania is all about Barron and her family. She has always been family-oriented… staying ahead of family issues is her priority,” the tipster added.

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